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   Chapter 379 I Trust You

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8177

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'So, he knows clearly what Jesse has done.

Then why didn't he stop Jesse?

Instead, he is listening to her.'

Realizing that Benjamin did not like her, Jean felt uneasy. "What did grandpa say to you?" Jean asked, looking at Zed straight into his eyes.

"Grandpa asked me to explain everything carefully to you. And he told me to maintain a distance in my relationship with Jesse since I am your husband." Being straightforward, Zed saw no need of hiding anything from Jean. "When Benjamin spoke those words, I reflected upon it. I realize it was my mistake and I should take full responsibility for making you misunderstand our relationship. I will be careful in the future."

Knowing what Benjamin has said, Jean felt even more puzzled.

'According to Zed, grandpa is taking my side.


Doesn't he dislike me?

Why is he helping me by telling Zed the right thing to do?

Is it because Zed told grandpa that he loves me? Did he also tell grandpa that he considers Jesse as his little sister?

I really need to understand what is going on!'

Thinking of this, Jean suddenly let out a sigh of relief. Calmly, she looked at Zed, feeling hard to form the words.

"Zed, I want to ask you a question. I hope you won't be angry," Jean said, in a patient tone.

Seeing Jean's serious face, he could not help nodding. "Okay, go ahead and ask."

"You just said that grandpa has misunderstood the relationship between Jesse and you. And you have realized that it was due to your behavior and words. Since even grandpa has been misled, don't you think Jesse…"

"Jesse won't be misled," Zed said, interrupting Jean from speaking. Feeling guilty, Zed confidently smiled at her making her realize he didn't intend to be rude. "Definitely, Jesse won't misunderstand the relationship between us. She knows clearly that she is my little sister while I am her brother," Zed continued, in the same calm tone.

"Why are you sure about this? After growing up, you both didn't hang out much. So why are you so confident that she still knows you well?" Jean asked, looking puzzled at his confidence.

"I don't know how to explain this kind of thing to you." Zed shook his head with a bitter smile. "But I can assure you that Jesse will not misunderstand our relationship."

Hearing that, Jean had no choice but to stop. 'He won't listen to me, ' Jean thought.

"Well! It seems that the relationship between the two of you is real

n. This made Jean feel very small and she wanted to disappear badly.

Her shock and nervousness turned into sweat. With the back of her hand, she rubbed the sweat off her forehead.

Now she realized that Benjamin had waited here to advise her. Her mannerism, according to him, wasn't very impressive. This thought brought humiliation in her heart.

"Okay, grandpa. I understand that. I will be careful and try my best to not make Zed feel embarrassed," Jean quickly replied.

Hearing Jean's answer, Benjamin listened with an intent and serious look. He carried on to look at Jean with piercing eyes.

Feeling judged, Jean's entire body started to tremble.

At that moment, she hoped that Jesse could come back as soon as possible.

The atmosphere was suffocating and killing her.

Not wanting to create further trouble, Jean maintained her composure and behaved obediently. Putting on a fake smile, she listened to Benjamin's advice carefully.

"You know clearly that I don't like you. But Zed has already married you so there is nothing much I can do about it. As a member of our family, I hope that you can put a full stop to your previous problems. Don't go dragging them around and making a mountain out of a molehill. Do you understand what I mean?" Benjamin looked at Jean expecting an answer.

Jean couldn't help raising her head and looking at Benjamin. 'Problems?

What problem is he talking about?

Was he referring to the problems of the Wen family?'

Seeing that Jean was still confused, Benjamin realized she was incapable of understanding things quickly.

'This girl is not smart at all.'

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