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   Chapter 378 Sealed With A Kiss

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7459

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Jean wanted to rage against him. But Zed no longer could take it. Before she could say a word more, he lowered his head and touched her trembling lips with his.

"Uh..." The sudden kiss swept Jean into a whirl of conflicting emotions. As soon as their lips met, she swung her arm on his shoulders but struggled hard to pull away from the embrace.

Zed felt that her whole body was inclining against him as if it were tender without bone. Jean was beating him with her fists more and more slowly. At last, she stopped.

The long, gentle kiss had unfurled something inside Zed. He looked deep into the eyes of the young woman. He wanted to lose himself in as he bared his feelings to her.

Jean was gasping from the passion that was coursing through her body. Her cheeks blushed crimson and she tried to meet the arduous look Zed was giving her.

Zed's inflamed gaze stoked the fury she had been feeling.

'How spiteful he is! He even stopped me from speaking, so that I couldn't reply to him.

Does he think that I can forgive him so easily?

Don't even think about it!' Jean grumbled.

She opened her mouth to say something mean, but before a sound came out, Zed immediately put his fingers on her lips and whispered in a cooing voice in her ears.

"Jean, you listen to me first and then scold me if you want. Okay? I promise that I will give you time to scold me as much as you wish, and I will not answer back,"

Zed implored her.

Looking at Zed in bewilderment, Jean felt weird.

She wondered what made Zed's attitude change over the short time he had left her.

Or had Zed finally listened to his conscience and admitted his fault?

So had he come to apologize to her?

With the last thought, Jean quickly shook her head.

'How can he admit he is wrong?

He is arrogant. Why has he admitted his mistakes in front of me so easily?

And, after all that insisting that his relationship with Jesse is pure, what had made him think that he has wronged me? Time and time again, he has thought that I am petulant when I complain about their relationship. He thought I was unncessarily making a fuss about it.

"Okay, what do you want to say?" Jean nodded. She really wanted to know what on earth Zed

our relationship is absolutely pure."

On hearing Zed said that "Jesse treats me in the same way as I treat her", Jean couldn't help smiling bitterly.

Should she tell Zed that Jesse, on growing up, didn't see him the same way he sees her?

But how should she tell him so that he could believe her?

Jean looked away, speculating if there was anyway she could break his illusion.

'Just forget it!' Jean thought.

To be straight, she and Zed would always be unhappy if she kept on raising an issue about his relationship with Jesse.

Now that she knew Zed's feelings for Jesse and his love for herself, Jean thought that there was no point in stretching this topic any further.

What she had to do was watch out and protect herself from being framed by Jesse over again.

"I trust you." Jean looked at Zed with a solemn expression, and added,"I won't misunderstand you from now on."

"Jean..." Moved by how they had made amends, Zed replied,"Your forgiveness and trust is all that matters to me."

Finally deciding to voice a nagging doubt, Jean said,"Didn't you leave in great anger? What made you figure all it out?"

"I..." Zed smiled faintly and answered,"I was stopped by grandpa just as I got to the living room."

"Grandpa..." Jean was mildly surprised. This made her recall something as she grew silent.

'So, was grandpa waiting for Zed because he knew I would quarrel with him?'

Putting two and two together, Jean wondered what this really meant.

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