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   Chapter 377 How Can You Be Such A Bastard

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8506

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No wonder Jean doubted Zed's intentions again and again.

Even Benjamin doubted Zed's feelings for Jesse and couldn't discern them clearly. If his grandfather couldn't tell, how could he expect Jean to understand him?

This thought filled Zed with a feeling of bitter irony. He had never seen the whole thing from this perspective before.

Looking at the confusion on Zed's face, Benjamin murmured,"It seems you yourself are not in the knowledge of your own feelings! You don't know who among the two is more important for you? Is it Jean or Jesse? Zed, how can you be such a bastard? Marriage is not a game. How do you expect me to believe that you married Jean for true love when you yourself are in doubt?"

"Grandpa, what on earth are you trying to say? Do you want to know about my and Jean's romantic history? Or are you trying to tell me that you think Jesse as the more suitable woman for me?" With a frown on his face and lips pointing downwards, Zed was discontented by the volley of questions Benjamin was attacking him with.

"You wreck, you are asking me what it is that I want to say? Fool, you should instead think about your relationships and tell me what it is that you want." Benjamin's temper flared at Zed's juvenile interpretation of his questions.

"Grandpa, I am seriously telling you that I only love Jean. She is my wife and the woman who will accompany me all my life. Please stop making any wild guesses about what's between the two of us. It is also very important for me that you stop thinking of my childhood friendship with Jesse as anything more than that. She is a sister to me. How many times do I have to repeat myself and give out the same explanations to both of you? Why don't you two simply understand?"

Zed uttered the last sentence without thinking what it was that he said and unintentionally, exposed the agony he had been feeling ever since this topic became an issue.

"Both of you? So you mean that I am not the only one that questions you? Jean has also asked you similar questions. Right?" Benjamin wet his lips and exhaled deeply before explaining why Zed's life was such a mess. He said,"Zed, you can't put the blame on us. In others' eyes, your first impulse is to jump to Jean's defence but at the same time, you are hardly partial to her like a husband should..."

"Grandpa..." Zed smirked on hearing his grandfather's words and said,"Jean is my wife. Do I have to spoil her in front of you for you to know that I love her? This is silly. Even if I were to do so, you would tease

ir relationship had to go through.

He had made her cry again.

In his bid to make up to her, he couldn't help stretching his hand out and gently touching her cheek.

Her face felt so delicate. Immediately, immense affection surged in his heart.

Zed should be blamed for all of this. He clearly knew that Jean disliked him being together with Jesse, but he had upset her on this count again and again.

"Jean, I won't hurt you anymore. Jean, believe me. I won't do this anymore,"

Zed murmured, staring at Jean with tender feelings.

Slowly, Jean's tightly knit eyebrows relaxed. Soon afterwards, her eyelashes fluttered and she opened her eyes slowly.

Jean was a light sleeper. After feeling a presence next to her in her sleep, she woke up to Zed's familiar breath lingering around her.

At this sight, sudden panic came over her. She didn't know why.

On seeing this, Zed was slightly amused but kept looking at her lovingly.

As her shallow breaths became regular after a few minutes, Jean blinked. She thought Zed standing in front of her and gazing at her gently was a dream. She blinked again and rubbed her eyes to properly see Zed still standing there. She intuitively exclaimed and pulled a long face within a second.

Feeling Zed's hand on her cheek further infuriated her and she flicked his hand right off her in anger.

He knew that Jean was still angry. Zed involuntarily spoke in a gentle tone again and said,"Don't be angry. I have been wrong all along. Forgive me. Please?"

"How can you be wrong?" Jean stared at him grumpily and retorted,"I am wrong. I am too impervious to reason. And my ideas are so ridiculous that they have offended Jesse..."

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