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   Chapter 376 Jean Or Jesse

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8311

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That was why Jesse couldn't wait to explain herself to Zed even so late at night.

Jean sighed in disbelief.

As smart as Zed was, how could he get so caught up in all of this? Why couldn't he have seen through Jesse's hypocrisy even after all this time?

'She's come to talk to him just now, and I am afraid she isn't here simply for her explanation. Although I haven't gotten along with her for a long time now, I still know a little about her. It really isn't that simple, what with her ulterior motives and how she used to be.

Does she want to undermine me?

Or is she up to something else?'

Jean wondered internally and was lost in her thoughts. After a shower, Zed came out of the bathroom and saw her staring at the ceiling with her wide eyes. He asked in surprise,"Jean, are you awake? Did I wake you up?"

Hearing his words, Jean shook her head and absent-mindedly looked away from the ceiling, fixing her eyes on him. He walked towards her with only a towel around his waist, which accentuated his strong chest muscles. However, she couldn't figure out the mixed thoughts in her mind and ignored them.

Seeing her fix her eyes upon him, Zed was amused even in his concern and a wicked smile lit up his face. He stepped up to her and asked,"Still not enough, huh? Are you waiting for me now?"

Now Jean understood the hint Zed was giving her indirectly, and she blushed in coy shyness. She hastily moved her eyes off his body and replied,"What are you talking about? I was thinking about something else!"

"What? What were you thinking about so late at night?" Zed asked with a confused look on his face. As he was speaking, another thought popped into his head. And he added,"Was it about the Wen Group? Look, if you're stressed out, then don't go back there just yet……"

"No, I am not stressed out." When Jean heard him mention the Wen Group, she quickly interrupted,"I was thinking about what Jesse did tonight, and I find strange somehow."

Jean raised her voice when she mentioned Jesse on purpose to see if she could get any clue or reaction from Zed.

"Jesse? What did she do?" Zed asked, looking at Jean with a frown.

Jean fixed her eyes on him and saw the confused look on his face. She couldn't help letting out a sigh and said,"I have a strong feeling that she told grandpa about our marriage tonight on purpose……"

Before Jean could finish her words, Zed put on a smile and said,"Jean, please stop thinking too much about this. How and why

mmered with amazement written all over his face. "Why did you feel such a thing?"

"Zed, you have always been so smart and reassuring, that your parents and I did not worry much about what life would hold for you in the future. But, for the sake of your own relationship, are you really listening to your heart? Is Jean Wen really your life partner?"

Benjamin asked in a serious tone, with his eyes fixed on Zed.

"Grandpa..." Zed replied but stopped in the middle of his speech in great shock.

"What about Jesse? Do you really treat her just as your sister?"

Benjamin's tone was still very serious and he was looking Zed in the eye.

His own turbid eyes seemed to light up suddenly under the lamplight.

For a second, Zed was too surprised to say anything. He stared at his grandfather in amazement, and couldn't help wondering about what he had just said, even though it made him feel bitter.

He was so angry that Jean was suspecting him for his determination in their relationship.

But to his surprise, even Benjamin didn't trust him with the same.

'Do I really behave in a way that would lead all the people around me to such a conclusion?

Or do they, including even grandpa and Jean, really think that the most suitable life partner for me is no one but Jesse?

Why isn't Jean confident about herself? Is it because she doesn't come from a well-to-do family like Jesse, or perhaps because she doesn't have the good looks and the high level of education as Jesse does? Either way, I can't believe that even grandpa feels that Jean is not the right person for me. He knows me best and he's watched me grow up, ' Zed thought.

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