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   Chapter 374 My Little Girl Has Grown Up

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9180

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"Whatever you say, it is up to you," Jean said rashly, with resentment mounting inside her.

It was all very infuriating. First off, Zed showed no gratitude or understanding for what she had done for him and now he had gone on to misunderstand the intent behind her actions.

"Now, I know that you are feeling wronged and acting out of impulse. Whatever it is, just don't make any excuses. You have to tell me why you went to the Wen Group today," Zed spoke to her in a cold, stern tone.

"Aren't you updated about all my movements? You can ask your men about where I have been or what I have done if anything has been left unclear. Why are you interrogating me?" There was anger simmering inside her and looking at Zed was just fueling it. As soon as she finished her piece, she turned to leave.

But before she could even take a step forward, Zed grabbed her arm and used his strength to pull her close to himself. Staring at her furious face, he couldn't help but sigh and say,"I haven't blithely guessed why you went to the Wen Group today. Do you know why? It is because I respect you. I so badly wish that you would tell me the reason behind as a sign of mutual trust and faith.

Jean, let's not get angry at each other. Okay? You know that I ask because I get worried about you. Frankly, I really hope you are not getting yourself involved in any mess of the Wen Group. Still, you will always have my support, even if that means you are going back there..."

Visibly touched by Zed's admission, Jean looked at him in astonishment.

Zed nodded to confirm what she was thinking. He sighed before adding,"Now can you tell me why you went back to the Wen Group?"

With pursed lips, Jean stared at him intently. Her mind was in turmoil.

She was certain that Zed was the only one that she could trust in the whole world. She also knew that he would always watch her back.

But, her doubt and suspicion about her mother's death were founded on just guesswork.

Telling him the truth meant letting Zed know that Joy had almost strangled her to death, which was why she wanted to go back to the Wen Group.

Jean was sure that Zed would fly into a rage once he got to know this.

It made her nervous to think that Zed could possibly go out of his mind and lay hands on Joy.

On her own, there were some clues to be found from Joy. If Joy got killed, Jean wouldn't know where to start to find out the cause behind her mother's death.

"I..." Her first instinct was to tell Zed the whole truth. But then she hesitated. Giving it a deep thought, she concluded that it was better not to tell him yet. At last, she smirked and said,"What if I tell you that I went back to the Wen Group temporarily on Henry's instructions? Would

was no longer that important to her. Still, pride overrode all emotions.

After all, Jean had become so strong because of the hardships she had faced.

But Zed was also responsible for exposing her to a major part of such hardships.

Zed didn't know whether he should be angry or happy about this change.

Shaking his head in helplessness, he again looked deep into her eyes to see how the woman he loved the most in the world had grown beyond recognition.

This realization brought its own set of disappointment as he suddenly felt alienated from Jean. He felt that perhaps they were not as intimate as before.

"What are you thinking about?" Jean finally threw this question at him, as she was expecting him to say something to her. After a long wait, she wondered what was behind that silence.

"When I look at you, I am amazed at how my little girl has grown up." Zed exhaled deeply, trying to get a handle on his feeling of being forlorn.

Initially confused at Zed's words, Jean took sometime to realize what Zed had just said. When she concluded that in a way this was a compliment, she smiled shyly at him.

'Is Zed praising me? Does he agree with how I deal with the businesses of the Wen Group?' thought Jean.

She felt warm and happy as she turned over this thought in her head. Overwhelmed, she tiptoed and leaned against him to kiss him on the cheek.

"That's all your credit. Without you, I couldn't have changed so much and become so strong," Jean whispered close to his eyes.

Zed was pleasantly surprised at the unexpected kiss. Her sudden show of affection nullified all doubts within him.

At that moment, his disappointment turned into a bright happiness.

'How could I think that we are not as intimate as before? How could I have had a sense of detachment?' Zed thought to himself.

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