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   Chapter 373 You Are My Husband

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 11992

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Thinking about the matter at hand, Zed's face changed immediately, scrunching into a frown. He looked at Jesse with a complicated mix of emotions swirling in his eyes.

Jesse pretended to be calm and forced a smile to cover the nervousness that was stirring inside her as she felt Zed's eyes pierce through her. She asked,"Well, Mr. Wen then have done quite a great deal of wrongdoings, so I wonder, Jean, why can't you share to us what exactly these wrongdoings are that made you this merciless enough no to even try to forgive an ill-stricken elder?"

Her voice quivered, and she started to tremble restlessly despite how she tried to keep her composure.

'I can't make Zed suspect me, ' she thought.

'If I can make Jean act inappropriately and speak out the truth, only then will Zed not suspect me.'

Jean sneered at Jesse secretly, wondering why Jesse had asked an unnecessary question given the tensed situation they were all under.

However, she, too, kept what she was really feeling inside and pretended to be stumped about what she should do and turned to look at Zed with desperation in her eyes.

Zed's eyes widened as he saw the helplessness in Jean's eyes. He closed his eyes in frustration and heaved a deep sigh, growing impatient. He opened them and shouted at Jesse,"Enough!"

Everyone was shocked after his outrage, all eyes turning to him with great astonishment.

This sudden burst mostly affected Jesse. The blood on her face rushed out of her as she couldn't believe that Zed just got furious with her to the point that he had shouted on her face. This was the first time he treated her like this, so she couldn't help but feel really upset and wronged. She stared at Zed with eyes brimming with tears, not daring to utter even a word.

When Zed saw Jesse's eyes filling with tears, guilt started to build inside of him, and he suddenly regretted what he done. He looked away from Jesse and sighed. "All of you should stop treating Jean as if she's a suspect, so stop interrogating her. If she hadn't got that land back from Wen family, she would not have led a miserable life. Let the past stay in the past, and stop referring to it again." His tone gradually turned calm, but his face yet turned into a frow. Zed raised a question,"A long time has passed ever since this matter happened, so I don't understand why it is brought out suddenly right now?"

Silence enveloped the room for a moment before Jean opened her mouth to say something. "I heard that he had awaken today, so I went to the hospital to see him," she said, trying to explain herself. "I was planning to go to work this morning, but decided to drop by the hospital first. As a matter of fact, Grandpa knew I didn't go to work, so I - "

"How did grandpa know?" Hearing all this, Zed couldn't help but wonder how a small matter could turn as big as case enough to the point that everyone behaved like a judge towards Jean. They looked like they didn't want to let this matter go easily by how they all kept questioning her.

"Yes, that is a good question," Jean replied. "I am also curious as to why grandpa knew." Jean turned to Jesse and noticed that she was about to open her mouth to explain, but before she could, Jean spoke once more. "Jesse said that the two elders were having a meal nearby my workplace, so grandpa wanted to ask if I could eat with them. Jesse then intended to call me to inform me of that, but by accident, she called you and knew from you that I wasn't at work."

As Zed listened, he realized that he, too, was involved in this matter.


her head, staring at nothing in particular. She said with a tone of helplessness evident. "Why did you ask me if you already knew the truth?"

"The fact that I already know the truth is one thing, but wanting the truth to come from you is another. They are two different things." Jean looked at him. He sighed and sat next to her. He reached out a hand and held a side of her face. With a gentle expression, he asked,"It is a serious matter, but why did you try to hide this from me? Tell me honestly, Jean. Coming deep in your heart, what am I to you?"

"My husband!" she answered softly without hesitation. Jean looked at him, feeling the warmth of his hand on her cheek.

"Husband?" Zed removed his hand on her cheek, looking at her with such discontent. "If you really consider me to be your husband, then why didn't you trust me with the truth?"

Jean could not pretend any longer, so she raised her head with emotions that were really stirring inside her. "Because I don't want you to worry about me." She swallowed a bile that formed on her throat to keep herself from crying and said,"You are my husband, and you are the most important and intimate person of mine. However, I know that you have already lots of matters that are weighing you down, and I don't want to be another load for you. That is why I decided to not let you interfere with everything about me. More importantly, I don't want you to be heavily burdened with concern for me, so I try to resolve my problems on my own."

"Oh, how thoughtful of you to think about that! And seriously, you don't tell me the truth to keep me from worrying about you, but did you even think that the more you hide things from me, the more that I am worried and concerned about you? You risked yourself by diving into dangerous waters, and I was really afraid that you would get hurt. You don't know how hurt and offended I am that you didn't even tell me about this when I can be there to help you instead of wondering helplessly how you were doing." Jean lowered her head as she tried to absorb what Zed told. The silence broke as Zed stood up and grabbed his hair in frustration before looking at Jean once again, who looked at him with tears already escaping her eyes. His voice raised as he said,"You are too selfish, Jean! You only think about yourself. No one is really in your heart, and that's why you are so merciless."

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