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   Chapter 372 Zed's Defense

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7463

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'Would Zed blame me if he knew about this?' wondered Jean.

Seeing Zed gazing at her doubtfully, Jean immediately felt uneasy.

Without his consent, she told Grandpa Benjamin that their marriage was just a deal. Zed hated discussing the past, so his reaction couldn't be nice.

The more Jean thought about it, the more frightened she became. It had reached an extent where she was afraid to look at Zed.

Watching Jean dodge his eye contacts, Zed's eyes sharpened with doubt. Quickly, he scanned and perceived the unusual atmosphere in the living room.

First, his eyes stopped at Benjamin, who was sitting on the sofa in a huff. Then they slowly analyzed Dan and Jesse who had the same complicated expression. All of this brought a look of seriousness into Zed's face.

'What exactly happened in my absence?' Zed thought, trying to make sense of the situation.

"Well, Zed, you are just in time!" Benjamin spoke, bringing Zed back from his thought. He stared at Zed angrily. "Tell me honestly, did you give Henry a piece of land in order to marry Jean?" asked he.

The second this question was dropped, Zed had a stunned look on his face. Earlier, he didn't want Benjamin to know about this story.

It was because that decision was made on an impulse and he was certain Benjamin wouldn't approve it.

Now Zed was happy to have made that impulsive decision. In fact, he realized that was the best thing he had done in his life.

If he hadn't done that, his life wouldn't have been this beautiful now.

"Ah, you mean this!" Zed responded immediately, sounding relieved. Then he smiled and looked at Benjamin with a soft sigh. "Although the rumors outside of it are somewhat unpleasant to hear, it's true. But grandpa, you know my temperament. If I didn't like Jean then, do you think I'd trade a piece of land for our marriage?" he asked with a smile.

"What do you mean?" Benjamin frowned instantly with displeasure. "You mean you gave Henry the land because you liked Jean?"

"Sure." Looking at Jean, who was gazing at him in surprise, Zed smiled at her. Then he continued,"And that is my bride-price to the Wen family. But apparently, I married a good wife. She loves me and doesn't want me to pay so much for

to come up with a prompt reply. Hearing it, she was a little angry, but there was also a flash of inspiration in her mind.

To be honest, Jean had wanted to come clean. If Jesse hadn't explained, Jean would have explained it herself. She hated keeping secrets from family and knew their relationship would become a lot better without them.

After all, she considered Benjamin to be a major part of her life now.

She was a little hesitant to speak because she wasn't sure if Benjamin knew about the land or not. Zed never mentioned about it to her before.

So when Jesse did the job for her, she couldn't do anything but nod.

'But the point is that Jesse had no right to speak for me. How can she shamelessly put my story so bluntly?'

Jean's eyes lit up at the thought.

'Jesse, you've been trying to ruin my relationship with Zed, and you end up taking actions without thinking much. Do you realize that today you have dug your own grave?

Didn't you always rely on Zed to defend you?

Then today let me see whether he'll still protect you or not!'

"I know I said that my father made a mistake, but I wasn't talking about the land." Jean sighed softly and looked helplessly at Zed.

Seeing Jean looking at him with innocent eyes, Zed suddenly understood what she was trying to convey.

In truth, Jean wouldn't have told Benjamin about the transaction of their marriage if it were not for Jesse.

In short, the trouble was going to be caused because of Jesse.

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