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   Chapter 371 It Is Quite Odd

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7952

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Why did Benjamin, Dan and Jesse suddenly go to a restaurant near her company? And why did they also want to have lunch with her?

There was something fishy going on. Jean felt it and knew this was not so simple as it looked. She looked at Jesse with a piercing gaze.

The thought at the back of Jean's mind was one, 'Could it be Jesse who went behind me? But it's impossible for her to do so.

I came back from the Wen Group today. Zed didn't know about this, let alone Jesse.

It's quite odd.'

Feeling Jean's fixatedly staring at her, Jesse shot back a challenging look at her.

Her jaw tightened as Jean frowned about this. Then a faint realization came to Jean.

This was all very puzzling, still. 'How did she know I haven't been at my company today?'

"Grandpa, I'm sorry." At this moment, her confusion didn't matter. She had to comfort Benjamin first.

Or her peaceful life would come to an end.

"You're sorry?" As soon as Jean admitted her fault, Benjamin grew angrier and gave her a black look. He sternly asked,"Tell me honestly, Jean. What have you done all day?"

Getting asked by Benjamin made Jean feel sick in the stomach. For a moment, she didn't know what to say.

She couldn't mention anything about Wen Group.

She had hidden this thing from Zed, so there was no way that she could tell them anything about it.

But how should she reply without annoying grandpa?

Seeing that Jean was hesitating, Benjamin angrily said,"Don't tell me you went to the hospital today. You were already there yesterday."

Jean had no choice but to think on her feet.

So she lowered her head and guiltily replied,"Grandpa, I'm so sorry. I shouldn't keep this a secret. But I didn't know how to say it. I'm afraid that you'll be even angrier after I tell you what I've done today."

Benjamin frowned after he saw that Jean was full of remorse, and he asked,"What on earth have you done today?"

Jean raised her head just an inch and said, afraid,"I did go to the hospital today."

Benjamin exclaimed at once,"You went to the hospital again? To see your friend? What kind of friend is he? Why did you visit him two days in a row? Has he gotten worse? Or is there a dirty secret between you and him?"

Seeing that Benjamin had got the wrong idea, Jean explained with haste,"No, no, grandpa. I went to the hospital to visit my dad."

As she said

to keep calm.

He thought to himself, 'Zed is my best grandson. He is one in a million. But to get a woman, he was willing to offer a piece of land.

I just don't understand what charm Jean has. Why did Zed do this deal for her.'

Jean told him the whole fact in one breath,"I married Zed and my dad got the land that he wanted. That's it." Then she closed her eyes and resigned herself to what fate had in store for her next.

"That's it? So you married Zed because it was your dad's demand. And you didn't marry him because you loved him. Am I right?" The floodgates had opened. Benjamin's rage knew no bounds and he glowered at Jean as he grilled her.

If Jean said yes to all of this, he would break her legs, ' he thought in his heart.

'Zed is the apple of my eye. How could Jean and her father do this thing to my Zed?

What is her merit?

Why did Zed exchange a piece of land for her?'

Benjamin felt that he was going to explode any minute and anger ravaged any inkling of reason left inside him.

Benjamin literally gave Jean a death stare and decided to break her legs unmercifully if she dared say one more word.

"Grandpa, what's wrong? Who got your goat?"

Zed's familiar voice came from the door and all people in the living room were relieved at once.

Particularly, Jean. She had run out of things to say. If Benjamin had kept on pressing her, she wouldn't know what to reply.

Tonight, she had been cornered by Jesse to tell Benjamin her deal with Zed. And she hadn't imagined Benjamin's reaction to be this wrathful in her wildest dreams.

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