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   Chapter 370 What Is Your Purpose

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7649

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"Jean, what is your purpose behind all of this?" It was certain that there was more to all of this than what met the eye. Joy looked at Jean and asked her doubtfully.

She did not believe that Jean's plan to let Shirley work in the Wen Group instead of driving them away was a kind one.

'You have left no stone unturned to assume power in the Wen Group. Haven't you done this just to oust Shirley and I from the Wen Group?

Jean, what is your actual motive behind helping us?'

"Joy, you have been asking me what my purpose is. I can tell you that now I have achieved my purpose." Jean looked at Joy with a sardonic smile. "I have got the Wen Group now. What else do you think that I want to get? Don't think of me as you. I am not someone who'd force you into a corner. Winner has passed away. Shirley is my only sister. I have told you, I want to let Shirley turn over a new leaf and start being a kind person.

Joy, don't you have any regrets? What do you think made you fail so miserably today? It has been your faulty teaching that has got Winner killed and made Shirley so arrogant. You have already seen the result of your bad parenting in Winner's case. Do you still want to see Shirley behaving like this and finally…"

"Shut up!" Indignant, Joy pointed a finger at Jean. "Shut up, you." She screamed this time and glared at Jean. "I refuse to believe that you are being kind or have no ulterior motive behind all of this…"

"Look, you are judging me by your standards. I have everything that I want now. I can forgive my father despite his ill-treatment of me, let alone you," Jean smiled and replied in an even-tempered tone.

Joy felt an inkling of doubt creep up and giving into the argument Jean just made.

'Jean is right. It is because of me that Jean has been so lucky today.

If I hadn't persuaded Henry to do those things, Jean would not have ever gotten married to Zed nor enjoy such a high social status.

Of course, many of those things Henry did were out of his own will.

If she can forgive Henry, clearly Jean will not hurt Shirley or me.

Besides, now that we have nothing to lose, what is there to be afraid of?

As long as Shirley stays in the company and suffers little hardships and I can get the villa worth ten million dollars, we'll

the sofa and chatting cheerfully.

At Jean's entering the room, all of them stopped their banter mid-way and looked at her with quizzical expressions.

"Hi! Grandpa and Grandpa Dan." Jean greeted them with embarrassment. "I am sorry for getting late. There was a horrendous traffic jam. What would you like for dinner? I will quickly cook them for you."

"Come here," Benjamin looked at Jean with seriousness and said this abruptly.

Surprised, Jean tried to understand what Benjamin was doing, though she felt more and more uneasy.

She found that all of them looked as solemn as a judge. What had happened?

Jean obediently stood in front of Benjamin, and smiled at him.

"You didn't go to work today. Where were you all day?" Benjamin looked at Jean with a hint of anger lurking behind a seemingly calm face.

She was shocked. Simpering, she said,"Grandpa, what did you say? I don't understand your words."

"Don't mess with me. Tell me the truth!" Seeing Jean feign innocence angered Benjamin even more. Red in the face and wide-eyed, he glared at her for an answer.

"Jean, tell us the truth!" Letting out a sigh, Jesse said,"At noon, Grandpa Benjamin and I went to the restaurant near your company. Grandpa Benjamin wanted to have lunch with you together and so he called Zed. But Zed could not get through to your phone, which is why he called at your company…"

Even if Jesse did not tell her after this, Jean already knew what had happened.

The fact that she did not go to work was exposed!

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