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   Chapter 369 It Was All Gone

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6707

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"Soon you'll know what I mean," Jean calmly replied, as she took out her phone from her bag.

Joy furrowed her brows. Fear was growing in her mind as she guessed what her stepdaughter was up to.

"Since my father has difficulty getting around, he can't be present at this board meeting. Nevertheless, he has shot a video for everyone to see. I believe that you'll understand everything once you are done watching it." While speaking, Jean hinted at the assistant to connect the projector with her phone. She wanted to let people see it more clearly on the LED screen.

"No..." As soon as the assistant was signalled, Joy realized why Jean was here today. She was not stupid.

Her first reaction was to grab Jean's phone, but Jean had already thought of that, and she agilely dodged her away. Then, the security guards who had stood still till now suddenly moved.

They came into the meeting room one after another and surrounded Joy and Shirley so as to keep them from coming close to Jean.

"How's that possible?" Shirley was surprised and looked at Jean in disbelief.

"Look at the video first." Jean nodded to the assistant and handed her the phone.

The assistant quickly plugged the phone into the projector. Soon, the pale old face of Henry Wen appeared on the big LED screen.

"Dear executives, I am Henry Wen." The short opening remarks of Henry turned the meeting room silent.

Everyone looked at the screen holding their breath in great anticipation of what was to come.

When Jean looked at the screen and saw Henry's face, she was slightly touched.

No matter all the awful things he had done to her, obviously, the Wen Group's prestige and power was closest to his heart.

It was clear. He was a man who could betray his daughter by any possible means but to advance his career.

All his life, what else has mattered to him more than his company?

Earlier, Jean thought that Henry favored Joy, Shirley and Winner.

But now, the truth was different.

"After you fin

Group. She was now in the position out of no choice.

Approaching Joy's and Shirley's fallen face, Jean slowly walked up to them with a serene smile and said,"Now did you get my meaning? I will not be so ruthless that I'd cut both of you off all the way."

"What do you want?" Joy sharply looked at Jean with alert eyes.

"You can't return to the Wen family. You must have spent all your money and property to buy the ten percent of shares. If you still want a place to stay and keep yourselves fed, I'll let you stay in the Wen Group."

The moment Jean finished speaking, Shirley's eyes glittered and fixed on Jean.

"What's your condition?" It was obvious that Jean wasn't doing this out of kindness. Joy asked about the catch. After all, she was an experienced woman.

"Joy, I want to make a deal with you." With a frank expression, Jean blurted it out.

"What deal?" A cold laugh came out of Joy as she had already seen this coming.

Jean glanced at Shirley and turned back to Joy, smiling.

Joy instantly understood Jean's meaning and sent Shirley away. Then she turned to Jean,"Now Shirley is not here. You can say it."

"The deal is simple. Shirley can stay and work, but at the bottom of the company. Since I am her sister, I will treat her well. You too, can have the villa that you are presently living in."

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