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   Chapter 368 What Are You Afraid Of

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6654

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'There were times when Winner got very annoying, but he was still my little brother.

How can this happen? I never thought that death would come to him so early, ' Jean thought.

She grieved and glanced away trying to stop her tears. Accidentally, she noticed that Shirley was standing and staring at board directors. Her eyes were too bright to go with the sad expression she presented which shocked Jean.

Her thoughts continued, 'If Shirley truly grieved for her little brother, she would be grieving instead of staring at these board directors.

There is no sadness in her eyes! It is just a show she put on to fool us.'

Jean felt deeply sorry for her little brother.

'No matter what, Winner was Shirley's little brother by blood. Hearing his death, even I felt sorry but it seems Shirley doesn't have humanity left in her.

The pleasure in her eyes betrays the sad mask that she has put on.

She is probably taking pleasure out of his death!' Jean thought angrily.

These thoughts put Jean into a sour mood and her face turned grim. She looked at Shirley, and suddenly an idea popped into her head.


Jean, You can't think of Shirley like that!

She might not be a good person, but she is not bad enough to murder her own brother, ' Jean told herself.

She hastily looked away in order to shake these thoughts off her head.

"Mrs. Wen, please accept my sympathy," One of the board directors sadly said.

Joy nodded with a lump in her throat. She wiped the tears off and said,"I didn't mean to bring up this tragedy here but it is hard to hide my pain. But we don't know the cause of Winner's death yet. The police are still working on this case."

Jean signed and thought, 'That explains why I heard nothing about Winner's death.

In the past few days, I didn't detect a tinge of sadness on Joy's face.

Is it possible that Joy's sadness was not real too?'

"Since young Mr. Wen is gone, I think our CEO's final decision is clear. Right now, i

n Wen Family and Qi Family probably wouldn't have taken place under the condition of a land."

In truth, Jean wanted to indirectly bring up her marriage with Zed and mention why it happened.

In other words, she wanted everyone to remember that she was sold for money.

But her intent was not to disrespect Henry. All she wanted was to get back at Shirley and Joy.

'No need to speak anymore because the truth has already found their way to the board directors' ears, ' decided Jean.

Everyone listened and agreed to Jean's words.

Seeing this, Joy and Shirley started to panic even more. They felt their world shattering.

"Jean! what do you want? Scaremongering is not going to help you become the next chairman. Listen, whatever you do, you don't stand a chance,"

Joy said in a croaky voice.

Jean shook her head. Looking disappointed, she said,"Joy, for the sake of my brother and sister, I accept you as my stepmother. Although Shirley and Winner never thought me as their older sister, they are my family. Winner is gone, but..."

Taking a pause to catch her breath, she looked at Shirley and continued,"I will take care of Shirley for you so that she won't end up like Winner."

"What are you talking about?" Joy asked. Surprise was evident on her face and she found Jean's words hard to believe.

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