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   Chapter 367 Winner Was Dead

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8869

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Jean looked bland and her question was raised in a casual tone. But as soon as she dropped the question, all the old shareholders, or rather, the entire Board of Directors turned their eyes on Joy and began whispering to each other, as if Jean had dropped a bombshell on them.

Their stares and whispers seemed to get under Joy's skin and she yelled angrily,"Get this woman out of here!"

She kept yelling loudly again and again but no security guard showed up as if all of them had somehow disappeared from the outside.

Panic set in on Joy and she began losing control.

She was getting more and more certain that Jean had come totally prepared on seeing that Jean looked totally calm and confident and was giving her an ironic smile.

Shirley also felt that the current situation was far graver than she had imagined and she hurriedly walked over to Joy and murmured to her in an attempt to remind her,"Mom..."

"What the hell do you want to do?" Joy abruptly shifted her gaze to Jean and barked at her furiously.

"I want to do what you intend to do," Jean replied in a brisk and clear voice without concealing the truth, turning her eyes to all shareholders present around the table.

"You? How can you?" Shirley sneered on one side.

"Really? How can you two?" Shirley stared at her and replied back coldly.

"We two?" A complacent smile ran across Shirley's face. She arrogantly looked at Jean and declared,"I hold 10% shares of the Wen Group, and my father holds 40% shares. In other words, I hold 50% shares altogether. It is undeniable that I am totally qualified for acting as the CEO of the Wen Group."

All others present were shocked by her declaration.

A few days before, Joy and Shirley had been outside the hospital with two middle-aged men. Seeing them there, Jean had become very clear that the two of them had racked their brains and tried every possible means that would get them the CEO's position in the Wen Group!

But she had never imagined that they would stealthily buy shares.

'Hadn't they been complaining that they had no money and couldn't afford Henry's medical treatment?

Then, where did they get the money to buy the shares?'

Jean chuckled to herself. It was only because they were so heartless and ruthless that Henry had been rather disappointed and lost his hope in them.

'Joy, Shirley, you have been overjoyed and underestimated Henry.

You have been so careless that your evil intentions have been noticed and uncovered before your plot could succeed. Because of this, Henry has lost his trust in you.'

"I am also a part of the Wen family. Why didn't I get to know when my fath

se. It was not until this moment that she turned her eyes on Joy, waiting for an answer from her.

"Winner..." At the mention of his son, Joy sobbed and stammered. A bitter sadness took over her confidence when she spoke. It seemed like some dewy tears were shining in her eyes. At last, she continued,"He is my biological son that I had with Henry. He is also the sole boy in the Wen family. It is perfectly justifiable for him to take over the Wen Group, and he would have been a great candidate. But he has chosen the wrong path for himself and that happened only because I have spoiled him too much ever since he was a little kid."

Before she could finish her words, Joy covered her face with her hands, sobbing in tears.

Jean stared at her in bewilderment. Seeing her facial expressions, she felt that something might have happened to Winner.

As expected, all others present were shocked, and Joy continued her story in a sad tone.

"Not long ago, Winner was making a fuss in the hospital that he owed someone a lot of money, and that his creditor would kill him if he didn't repay him. Since he was an unfilial person, I no longer trusted him. Besides, Henry was still very sick and in the hospital at that time. Thus, I didn't care much about him. It was not until he had been missing for 3 days that I suddenly realized that something might have happened to him.

As soon as I thought of that, I hurriedly called the police. With the policemen's help, we finally found my son. But he... He had been dead for some time and his corpse was decaying now..."

As she talked about this, Joy suddenly started crying out tearfully, full of sorrow about her dead child.

Jean was also completely taken aback. She had never thought that Winner was dead!

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