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   Chapter 366 You Can't Frame Me Like This

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9389

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This made her mind flash back to the time when both of them reacted with shock and anger as they saw her at the gate of the hospital. At that time, they were seeing two strange middle-aged men off. They must have been talking enthusiastically, a conversation that went on for a long time. Jean had a hunch that they were up to something from the look of the four huddled up together but she did not know what...

"Why haven't you come back to the company yet?" asked Henry. He had obviously accepted that he could do nothing more about the dire straits the company was in. It was also clear that he wanted Jean back for help. He glared at her with indignation as he said,"Didn't you say that you would be back at the Wen Group? Then where were you all these days?"

Her father's agitation was a shock to her. She chewed on her lip as she tried to figure out what he meant by all of this. Taking two steps in his direction, she replied,"When I told you I wanted to come back, didn't you strongly disapprove of my decision? What is it? Why do you want me back now?"

"I…" He opened his mouth to explain but then shut it. For a second, Henry did not know how to answer her. And yet irritation came over him and he continued,"You are my daughter, after all. And the most conscientious of all, no matter your silly looks. Look at those two, cruel and base. I'd rather have you take over the company than have it fall into Joy and Shirley's hands. They are such heartless bitches…"

exclaimed Henry. A tremor ran through his aged, sick body as he spat out venom for his wife and daughter.

Jean's eyes widened as she heard this. Raising her eyebrows, half in astonishment and half in doubt, Jean thought about what Henry had just said. It never occurred to her that his feelings could do such a radical turnaround in just a few days. How badly had they angered him that Henry had arrived at this point?

'What did they do exactly?' wondered Jean in her mind.

Thinking of all the times they were all together, she recalled Henry always talking to Shirley in a soft, gentle tone and never being mad at Joy.

All of them made for a peaceful family together while Jean was treated like an outsider all the time she lived with them.

'What has happened in these couple of days that Henry will not admit they are family and refuse to let them run the company?

Before this, even if they had shown the desire to lead the Wen Group, Henry would have certainly said yes as long as they pleased him alright, ' thought Jean. She turned the situation in her head over and over again but grew more confused.

"What has happened? Why are you so angry with them?" asked Jean finally.

"Huh…" Henry took a moment's pause to calm himself down and then said,"They want to make an alliance with outsiders and plot my

om today, I'll fight for your justice.

They have to pay back for what you suffered because of them, ' Jean was resolute as she promised her mother in her heart.

As she approached the meeting room, Jean confidently strode in regardless of the guards standing on both sides of the door. She stared haughtily at all the directors as she made eye contact with each of them one by one.

"What are you doing here?" Shirley asked loudly out of amazement. Her face had turned pale and she stood up from her chair in shock as soon as she saw Jean enter.

It was the most critical moment in the board meeting and Shirley didn't want to allow Jean to mess things up.

"Well, I come, of course, for the meeting," answered Jean. And then she picked a place and sat down.

"You're not welcome here. Just get out now," shouted an angry Shirley.

"We are both part of the Wen family, aren't we? Why can't I come if you can be here?" Jean replied with a sneer.

"Jean Wen, let me refresh your memory. You had public announced that you will be breaking away from the Wen family. Don't you remember?" Joy said sarcastically, sitting on the president's chair.

"All of that is nonsense! How can you believe a gossip like that? I keep my roots no matter where I go! I grew up as the Wen family until I got married to an exemplary person. I am so grateful to the Wen family. How could I ever break off my relationship with them? Joy, my stepmother, you cannot frame me like this…" said Jean.

As soon as the word "stepmother" came out of her mouth, everyone there began to whisper, looking curiously at Joy.

"Jean Wen, there is no way you can deny the announcement. Everyone knows it from the news!" Joy was shaking in anger as she said this to Jean.

"Joy, is that all you want to see? Me breaking off the Wen family? What is in it for you?" Jean blankly stared her.

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