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   Chapter 365 I Came To See You

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 10804

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The sun shone on Jean's face, waking her up with a frown. She turned to her right side and as usual, she found that Zed had already gotten up early and left for work. She sat up a few moments later and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes.

Still feeling sleepy and a little lost, she slowly got out of bed, scratching her long and loose hair. She faced the huge glass window and stretched. Satisfied, she walked into the bathroom to freshen up.

The warm water relaxed her body. Since she had decided to go back to Wen Group, she knew she had to strike while the iron was still hot.

Besides, Grandpa Benjamin was still here in H City. She could imagine how he would violently react if she just hung around him, doing nothing but idle about in the room.

He was already tired of seeing her even just for a few minutes, how much more for days? She also felt uncomfortable around him, so going back to work gave her something else to get her busy.

Moreover, Grandpa Dan and Jesse were now around him.

Grandpa Benjamin wouldn't get bored even if Jean was not beside him.

As she finished washing herself, she wiped herself dry and walked out of the bathroom wearing a robe. She changed into a fresh and neat suit that made her look all the more professional. She lightly made her face up, and when she was finally contented of how she looked, she grabbed her bag and walked outside of the room.

When she arrived in the dining room, she saw Jesse shuffling between Grandpa Benjamin and Grandpa Dan. With a huge smile plastered on her face, she placed plates and containers filled with various kinds of food for breakfast in front of them on the table and served them gallantly.

Jesse's caring act made Jean a little disappointed about herself. She wanted to do something like that as well. Instead of showing her true emotions about the matter, she forced a smile at Jesse and to both Grandpa Benjamin and Grandpa Dan.

Although Jean couldn't help feeling that Jesse had ulterior motives, she wasn't the kind of person to have kindness without strings attached.

Then again, only Jean could see through Jesse's intentions. Even Zed couldn't imagine that someone like Jesse could turn out to be that kind of a person, let alone others.

As Jean approached the dining table, the harmonious atmosphere surrounding the room started to fade away. Silence filled the room instead.

Benjamin frowned. He remembered how Jean just suddenly left yesterday afternoon and returned home really late despite him being home already. He complained about her more now that she woke up later than anybody else in the house as if she could just go about her own set of manners.

With these thoughts in mind, he ignored her and sneered, lowering his head to give his full attention to the food in front of him. He didn't even acknowledge her presence.

On the other hand, Grandpa Dan was more polite than Grandpa Benjamin. He gave Jean a generous smile, greeting her,"Good morning, Jean. Come, join us for breakfast."

"Good morning, Grandpa Dan! and yes, it is my pleasure," she replied. "Good morning, Grandpa Benjamin and Jesse," she added as she sat down across Grandpa Benjamin, who still pretended as if she wasn't there.

she opened the door to his room, she was surprised to see him alone, lying on the bed and only a nurse was there to look after him. Henry had his eyes closed.

Contemplating whether or not to head towards him, she wondered how to talk to Henry. Although their relationship wasn't that complicated, there was still tension between them, and she knew it would take her a lot of effort just talking to him.

She hoped that either Joy or Shirley was here, but neither of them were there.

"Father, I came to see you," Jean announced loud, startling Henry who opened his eyes immediately. His eyes widened in surprise to see Jean in front of him.

Jean asked the nurse to leave before moving closer to the bed. She sat on the chair and asked,"What happened?"

She was surprised at her father's reaction. Henry used to feel impatient whenever she was around, but why did he look astonished instead of his usual response towards her? 'What is going on?' Jean wondered.

"You…" Henry said, after regaining his composure. "Why did you come?" He asked, his face forming a confused look. "Aren't you going back to Wen Group? Why did you still have time to come here? Don't you know what happened?"

Jean eyebrows furrowed into a frown mixed with concern. "What do you mean? Something happened to Wen Group?" She looked confused and thought about possible things that might have happened. Maybe this is the reason why Henry had a different expression on him after seeing Jean.

Seeing the puzzled look on his daughter's face, Henry now understood something, and he couldn't help but heave a deep sigh. He looked away towards the window before looking at Jean.

"I see. You haven't come back to Wen Group yet, that's why they couldn't wait to…" Henry suddenly lost his words and started to look pale as if his blood had been sucked out from him with this idea.

Even if her father didn't finish his sentence, Jean slowly understood what Henry was trying to tell her. With eyes wide and mouth gape open in shock, she had a feeling that whatever that corrupt thing that happened to Wen Group, she knew that it had something to do with Joy and Shirley.

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