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   Chapter 364 You Are Overly Jealous

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7666

Updated: 2019-01-31 14:03

"Jean..." Zed felt speechless. He really couldn't understand why Jean was being so adamant.

Slowly, Jean turned around to look at Zed. A while later, she asked carefully,"Why are you so dumb, Zed? Don't you see that Jesse's feeling for you is not that simple? You treat her like your family, but she doesn't. Jesse is in love with you."

'You trust her and treat her as your intimate friend. It is my duty to make you understand what she feels for you, ' Jean thought secretly.

"That's not possible, Jean. Jesse and I are just friends. She thinks me as one of her big brothers," Zed frowned and explained to Jean. He continued,"We grew up together. We both experienced a lot of moments together. She watched me through my hard days. It's hard for you to understand, Jean. But we are not in love. Jesse is my family, my close friends and that's it.

Anyway, I surely know that I don't love her, and I am positive she doesn't love me either. We will be there to support each other when we are in trouble. That's the sort of relationship we share. It is definitely not the love that you are thinking about. I really hope you will stop misunderstanding us, Jean."

Zed looked at her face with a serious look. This explanation tired him and he didn't wish to explain again and again.

As Jean noticed his sincere look, she knew he really meant it. Although she had doubted the relations between them, she would not do that ever after.

At this very moment, Jean believed him. She believed that Zed didn't love Jesse at all. Somehow, knowing this relieved her from her worries.

'I have to trust Zed. He wouldn't lie to me. Maybe he cares for her like a friend and brother, nothing more.

Yet I am not sure if Jesse would agree with this.'

Deep inside, Jean sighed with a look of resignation. Every time they fought because of Jesse, she later felt sad about it. She kept thinking, 'Surely, Zed doesn't love her. However, Jesse is definitely in love with Zed.

I was suspicious about Zed only because he always trusted her. But that doesn't mean there is a romantic love behind his trust.

I shouldn't have hurt him so much. He keeps on telling me that they are just friends, but I act so impulsively.

What really bothers me is Jesse.

She is so deeply in love with Zed tha

It's hard not to offend people during work. But it's not about my business. I'm afraid that someone like Ethan will do something bad to you so I asked Toby to protect you. Ethan is such a jerk.

After what Ethan has done to you, I have to make sure about your safety. You are my wife and the most important woman in my life. I will protect you from any harm that is waiting to befall. I will not allow anything bad to happen to you. If something does happen then I won't be able to forgive myself. Can you promise me you will take good care of yourself?"

Zed gazed at her face and requested.

"Okay, I promise," Jean replied. Deep inside, she was touched by his words.

Zed felt relieved and scooped Jean into his arms.

Leaning closer, Jean buried her head in his arms but she felt bitter in her heart as she thought of Jesse.

'You are trying to protect me from harm, Zed. Why don't you understand that Jesse was trying to kill me tonight?

I warned you repeatedly but you never trusted me.

What should I do to make you believe me?

Since you don't believe me, I need to be on guard because I know Jesse will not give up.

Tonight, she truly tired to wring my neck and I felt like I couldn't breathe. Luckily, she didn't make it.'

Deep down, Jean understood Jesse has succeeded in making her feel afraid.

'My fear is one of my weakness.

I don't want Jesse to know how afraid I am. If she knew that, she would use it as a weapon to get my position. I have to be careful, ' Jean thought secretly.

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