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   Chapter 363 Zed, You Son Of A Bitch

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7686

Updated: 2019-01-31 00:19

Zed burst into laughter immediately after the words came out of Jean's mouth.

Upon hearing Zed's laughter, a bitter sadness and anger took over her. Zed hurriedly stopped laughing when he saw that Jean was glaring at him furiously. Then, he said seriously,"Jean, I know that you were really scared a couple of minutes ago. But saying that Jesse tried to kill you is an exaggeration! Well, don't be angry now. You can vent your anger on me if any..."

While he was finishing his sentence, Zed saw that Jean was abruptly running towards him.

At the sight of that, a small smile appeared on his face since Zed thought that Jean was coming for a hug. He assumed that Jean was still soft-hearted, so she cooled herself down after his short persuasion.

Assuming this, Zed stretched his hands out, in an attempt to give her a hug.

But to his shock, Jean rushed towards him, clenched her fists and fiercely swung them at him.

"Zed, you son of a bitch. Are you going to trust me only if I die?" As these words were uttered, her heart was wrought with fear and anger, because of which, her eyes turned reddish immediately.

Zed was stunned on hearing her words. He hadn't thought that Jean would react so intensely. Looking at her reddish eyes, he became anxious and had no idea what to do.

'Why are women so impervious and so hard to understand?

Can anyone please help me to calm her down?' Zed mumbled.

"Jean, what are you talking about?" Zed was so anxious that he tried to comfort her. He added,"Jesse was just joking with you. How could you associate it with death? From now on, I won't allow you to talk nonsense..."

Before Zed could finish his words, Jean struck his back with her fists again and again like raindrops. "Just shut up! I don't want to hear any words being uttered out of your mouth. Zed, you son of a bitch. You always pretend like my words have no value in your heart. When I complain about others, you immediately stop me and complain that I talk nonsense.

What can I expect from a man like you? You and Jesse have been together since you were a child. So you almost always trust her, right? And now the two of you can bully me together. Are you both happy with the result? I am sad and afraid! Zed, I want to divorce you. I no longer want to live with such


Zed, is it because I am a loser? Or is it because we haven't gotten acquainted with each other as long as the two of you? Whatever the reason is, I feel frustrated and tired. I know whatever I am saying here may sound meaningless to you. But I still want to tell you what I am feeling. Zed, I hope that you won't have any regret one day."

As soon as she finished her speaking, Jean climbed into bed without casting another glance at Zed and immediately covered her own face with the quilt.

"Jean..." Zed lifted the quilt and stared at her with his eyebrows knitted. He said,"Get up. Your hair is still not dry. Aren't you afraid that you will catch a cold and get a headache?'

"Don't bother me, Zed. Anyway, it is none of your business," Jean replied, not wanting to talk to him anymore.

"Honey..." Before finishing his words, Zed directly scooped her up in spite of her struggle. Then, he added,"I understand all that you said. I promise you that I will maintain a distance with other women. Okay? But you also have to promise me that you will try to get along with Jesse. She will only stay here for a few more days. So, can you set aside your prejudices against her for the time being? Can you?"

Zed asked, while he rubbed Jean's head with a towel.

Jean felt distraught and closed her eyes with a wry smile.

'Zed, you are still backing her up, right?

Or do you want me to compromise for you?' Jean wondered.

"I cannot promise you anything," Jean replied expressionlessly with her eyes wide open.

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