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   Chapter 361 Did You Come To Pick Me Up

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 12583

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Moore handed Jean a bottle of water the moment she had hiccups. As the taxi stopped in the unloading area of the hospital, Jean noticed a familiar car parked just close by. A man stood, leaning on the driver's side of the car. She beamed in amusement. "Hey, it's Zed! I wonder why he's here," she said out loud and her hiccups suddenly stopped.

Moore noticed this unusual change and glanced at Jean, whose eyes sparkled at the sight of her husband. He asked,"Are you nervous seeing him?"

Jean raised a brow as if thinking about it for a moment, and then she looked at him and answered. "Of course not." Shaking her head, she gave him a smile before turning towards the door and opened it in a rush. Her right leg was out of the car, and her other leg was still inside when she turned towards Zed's direction and called out to him. "Zed!" She waved as Zed saw her, and as she got out of the car, she shouted,"Did you come to pick me up?"

Moore just watched Jean getting out of the car as if she couldn't afford to waste any more time. He felt a pang of ache inside of his chest, and the emotion he was now familiar with as jealousy filled him. He was silent for a moment that if not for the taxi driver who called out to him, he would have had forgotten that he was still in the car. After paying the driver, he got off the car and just stood there without catching up with Jean in a hurry. He wanted to give them some time to talk alone even just for a second. Although he wasn't sure if 'want' was the appropriate term.

Meanwhile, Zed couldn't help but smile after seeing Jean got out of the car happily and in a rush without hiding her excitement to be with him.

An hour and a half ago, because he had been waiting for her too long, his patience started to wear thin. However, he had forgotten his anger the moment he saw Jean, safe and sound, smiling at him with those beautiful eyes.

Then again, he couldn't help but be too worried for her. "Why didn't you answer your phone?" He asked as soon as she was now arm's length in front of him.

Jean's eyes widened. "You called me? How come I didn't hear?" She said and immediately rummaged through her bag for her mobile phone. After searching and opening all the pockets of her bag, she still hadn't found it, so she frowned. "Where is my phone? Odd. I remember placing my phone here a few minutes ago," she told Zed without looking at him and kept her attention to her bag.

Moore decided to walk towards them after seeing Jean rummaging something in her bag. Zed noticed his presence first, so Moore greeted him. "Hello, Mr. Qi."

"Hello, Moore," Zed greeted back politely, nodding once at him.

"What is she looking for?" Moore asked Zed curiously, but his gaze was towards Jean, who started to look helpless.

"She couldn't find her phone," Zed explained, noticing how Moore stared at Jean with great concern.

"Perhaps, it got stolen in the night market," Moore suggested. With this thought, Moore couldn't help but be surprised by the fact that there were really stealthy thieves there, so he frowned along with Jean.

Considering what Moore had said, Jean stopped rummaging and looked out of nowhere, stunned for a moment. Coming back to her senses, she turned towards Moore and said miserably,"I must be really numb to not be able to feel or even be aware that my phone got stolen by a thief."

Moore's frown changed to sympathy and then he quickly thought of something. "Check if there are other things that got stolen," he said to Jean, hesitating whether to move towards her and help her rummage her bag, but he stopped himself from doing so, remembering that Zed was now with them.

Jean nodded her head. "Oh! You're right!" She quickly lowered her head to her bag once

of the time, they used the same oil that they had been using without replacing them for days, maybe even weeks that it grew so dark and really murky. Also, some vendors bought products from small processing plants, which were not usually fresh and not to mention that carcinogenic chemicals were added to these products.

That was why Zed was so determined not to allow Jean to go to any night market and eat food from stalls there.

Jean kept her pout on her face. She knew that Zed had already made up his mind, and there was no use trying to change it. With an unhappy expression, she said coldly,"You are a tyrant." She rolled her eyes and turned her eyes out of the window on her side.

Seeing her unhappy, Zed sighed and said,"You should know that I always think about what is good for you, Jean."

"I know, but it's just that, I don't eat there often anyway. I think it won't matter that I eat there once in a while," she replied, starting to lose her temper.

He gave her a quick and helpless glance. At this point, he knew that if he continued to argue with her, he would just be adding more fuel to the fire that was now building between them.

Knowing her attitude, he also knew that she was close-minded when she's angry, and that she wouldn't accept any word of explanation coming from him.

With these thoughts in mind, he had no choice but to keep his mouth shut.

As the tension between them grew, they finally reached their house. Zed drove the car into the garage of their house, and as soon as he turned the engine off, Jean immediately got off the vehicle and rushed inside the house without waiting for or looking back at him. Because of this, Zed shook his head and sighed.

As he entered the house and stopped in the foyer to change his shoes, before he could even remove them, he suddenly heard Jean's scream coming from the living room.

Fear filled the house as the scream was loud enough to break the silence of the night.

As soon as he heard the first few seconds of his wife's scream, he didn't waste any time and ran quickly towards her without even changing his shoes, worried that something might have had happened to Jean.

When he reached the living room, he stopped. He immediately caught sight of Jean and rushed towards her. She was shaking in fear, looking at something in front of her. Zed's gaze followed the direction of her stare and finally realized why she screamed. He placed an arm around her, not knowing what to do except mutter her name.

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