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   Chapter 360 We Should Be Careful Before We Take Any Step

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9738

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Shirley said with an angry and malicious look.

"Well, your poor father woke up. But ever since he woke up, I get the feeling that he is treating us slightly differently. On the other hand, Jean has said that she wanted to go back to the Wen Group. In such a situation, we need to be very careful. Or else she will say something ill to your father and ruin our family. And then we may lose everything that we have," finished Joy, looking affirmative. Her eyes lit up in a malicious and calculating manner.

"Mom, so what methods do you think we should take in order to get rid of her?" Hearing what her mother said, Shirley felt her fears dissipate. A big smile made its way to her face.

"We should be careful before we take any step," said Joy, as she started to think deeply about the matter.

"Ok, I will listen to your opinion," Shirley hurriedly replied and nodded her head obediently.

On the taxi, Jean couldn't help keeping herself from laughing. Her beautifully-arched eyebrows arched even more on her delighted face. It was evident that she was in a really good mood.

Moore saw that Jean was almost out of breath after all the laughing she did. Helplessly, he asked,"Why do you find it so amusing?"

In his eyes, even the sight of Shirley and Joy was disturbing. He couldn't believe anyone could feel good after seeing them.

Hence Moore was still really confused seeing Jean smiling so happily. 'What is happening to her?' he wondered.

"Haven't you seen what just happened now? Joy and Shirley both failed to come up with a comeback. My reply left them dumbfounded!" Jean smiled happily and thought about their stunned expression.

"Jean, I always knew you were a capable girl. But you must stop laughing like this, or else you will go crazy." Frowning, Moore noticed she laughed even more now. He didn't know what to say and waited for her response.

"That's fine. I am just feeling really happy. I have been accused and abused by them for so many years and now I finally make my way and get away from their accusation. I am so thrilled! In fact, I am looking forward to my happy days." As she spoke, the big smile was still plastered on her face. But now her eyes turned red as if she wanted to cry.

Moore also noticed her reddish eyes and he immediately felt sorry for her.

The car fell into a dead silence all of a sudden. Jean stretched out her hand to rub her eyes gently. Then she turned her head and stared out of the window trying to admire nature. She found herself getting lost in her thoughts.

From the window, it was obvious that it was already dusk. Outside, it was packed with hundreds of thousands of cars on the street. Jean realized this was a rush hour.

Looking at everyone, who was busy making their way in the hustle-bustle, Jean felt quite sad. She had no idea what prompted this sadness.

Her thoughts went back to her mother. 'What if she didn'

she gave her lips a lick as if to eat more. However, her stomach had already been too full to accept any other food, so she had to leave with a little disappointment. 'I will come back soon, ' her mind said to the snacks while she left.

"That's enough. Don't look at the snacks anymore." Moore watched Jean eyeing the snacks. He noticed her mouth was watering and it looked like she didn't want to leave. So he had to comfort her by saying,"When we have time in the future, I promise that I will accompany you here to have a big meal."

"Really?" Jean's eyes lit up again. Her eyes fell on Moore but she looked doubtful.

"Of course, it is true. When have I lied to you before?" said Moore, helplessly and dotingly.

"That's settled. And no backing out." Jean stretched out her little finger and was about to make him promise.

Moore's eyes rested on Jean's naive behavior and he also noticed that her face was full of expectations. So he had no other choice but to stretch his little finger to pull hook with her.

On realizing the deal was sealed, Jean immediately smiled happily.

On the taxi back home, Jean kept burping but the bright smile never disappeared from her fair face.

"Jean, I'd better send you home first. Ok?" Moore asked with concern.

"No." Jean waved her hand as a gesture of refusal and said,"You are a patient. You should get to the hospital first."

As she finished saying this, she burped again.

"Ok then. It is better for us to go to the hospital first and have you examined by a doctor. You cannot keep burping like this." Moore frowned thinking it was a mistake going to the snack-filled place with her.

"Moore, don't take everything so seriously. I am only burping. It is not a….. It is no big deal..." Jean looked out the window and stopped talking.

"What's wrong?" Moore followed the direction of Jean's glance. And that was when he spotted Zed in front of the gate of the hospital.

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