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   Chapter 359 Have You Forgotten Anything

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7945

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"Let's go! Let's go for eating!" Jean exclaimed with great excitement.

Moore shook his head helplessly on seeing Jean's intense response.

As they just reached the aisle, Jean's mobile phone started to ring.

Quickly, she fumbled with her purse and took her mobile phone out. After taking a glance at her phone, she found it was a phone call from Zed. Immediately, the smile on her face became more vibrant.

Without wasting any second, she pressed the answer key. While walking behind Moore towards the gate of the hospital, she answered,"Zed..."

"When will you come back? Do I need to go to the hospital to pick you up?" Zed asked, sounding concerned about her.

"Aren't you outside with grandpa? You don't need to come here to pick me up. You have been busy and tired all day long. I will catch a taxi as soon as I finish eating," Jean replied while walking.

"Jean..." Zed paused for a moment and sighed before he added,"Have you forgotten anything?"

"What?" Jean asked, in bewilderment.

"It seems that you have really forgotten that. What did you say to grandpa before you left?" Zed reminded.

"I..." Jean tried hard to recall what she had said. A while later, her face changed and had a quizzical expression. She patted hard on her own forehead and said,"Oh, my god. I have really forgotten it. Then, what shall I do?"

'Grandpa, Grandpa Dan, Zed will be with you. You guys have fun in H City this afternoon. I'll come back as early as possible and I'll cook dinner for you.'

These words repeated inside her head after she wracked her brain.

Now she was confused because she had already invited Moore to eat outside with her.

'What should I do?

What should I do?' Jean thought.

To be sure, she couldn't break the promise she kept to Zed's grandfather. On the other hand, this was the first time that Jean had treated Moore to dinner. 'How can I suddenly change my mind and tell him that I can't have a meal with him?'

Her mind was a whirlwind of thoughts.

"Don't eat outside. It is still not late for you to prepare the supper if you come back right away!" Zed continued since he was still on the other side of the phone. His words brought her back from her reverie.

"But..." In fear of being heard by Moore, Jean walked away to another side and continued in a lower voice,"I have just invited Moore to eat outside."


, she said,"You have just reconciled with Zed. But now, you are here hanging out and entangling with another man. Aren't you afraid that Zed will abandon you again?"

"Oh. I have never known that you care so much about me. You may be disappointed this time because it is Zed that asked me to come to the hospital to see Moore and invite him to supper," Jean retorted loudly, but the great smile was still on her face.

"Jean, don't try to fool us now. If Zed asked you to come here, why didn't he keep you company?" Shirley said with a noticeable hint of jealousy.

"As you know, Zed is very busy. I can handle matters like this by myself." Her heart was filled with great joy when Jean saw their faces turn pallid. Then, she added,"Well. Since you don't believe me, I don't feel obliged to make you trust me. Moore, let's go to eat."

As soon as she finished her words, Jean walked past them and hailed a cab.

Seeing that Jean and Moore had slid into the car, Shirley furiously and fiercely stared at the direction where they had left.

"Mom, I can't stand it anymore. I wouldn't have stopped you from killing her if I had known that she was such a bitch. Now, I hate to swallow our anger in front of her. Her piercing words make me sick!"

Shirley said grudgingly.

"My silly girl, don't complain about this now. If you want to take revenge, there will be many chances in the future. Be patient, darling." Joy's eyes gleamed with malice when she uttered those words. She patted on Shirley's shoulder to comfort her.

"Mom, I want to teach her a lesson right now."

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