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   Chapter 356 Love In Silence

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7960

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"Oh, I see!" Jean smiled shyly and looked at Moore mysteriously. "Moore, what if I tell you that Zed didn't believe in the video which was posted on the Internet and trusted me from the very beginning? Would you believe that his indifference, alienation and cruelty to me were all a method to protect me from the people doing this? What do you think of it?" asked she.

When Moore heard this, he frowned and gazed at Jean thoughtfully. After a while, his eyebrows slowly loosened again. This time, some doubts in his mind were immediately cleared.

"I see," he replied, pretending like he was thinking deeply. To be honest, Zed never seemed like a cold-blooded man. And somewhere deep down, Moore always had his doubts.

Before this revelation, he thought the whole thing looked extremely strange. He also knew that Zed couldn't have been such a bad man, since Jean had loved him a lot. The idea of a man changing overnight had shocked him.

But until today, Moore hadn't realized that Zed had done all this to protect Jean. Now the puzzle was fixed and things became clearer.

'But did Zed's efforts become useful in the end?' he wondered.

Now Moore looked up and saw the happy smile on Jean's face, and that's when Moore realized that it did have a good effect. And the incident did not seem to affect the feelings between the couple.

He felt a little sad at once. 'If it had been me, would I have done it like Zed?' he questioned himself.

'No, even though I knew it would be dangerous, I wouldn't have let her stay helplessly, all alone in the hospital. Her condition was fragile, without any dependence. I couldn't bear to see her like this, ' answered Moore's mind.

According to him, Jean deserved care and love. The fact that Zed let her suffer angered him.

'But I will never have the chance to take care of her.'

Moore realized with a bitter smile and sadness on his face.

"Moore, are you all right?" Jean questioned when she noticed Moore was taking time to answer this simple question. When she saw the expression on his face, she felt worried and scared.

"Nothing. I was just surprised." Moore hastily replied, and hid his sadness. He gazed at Jean softly. "Now that the misunderstanding has been cleared up, may you both love each other and be happy forever from now on." he smiled.

"Thank you, Moore." Jean instantly had a big happy smile

n nodded and took an apple out of the basket. As she peeled it, she smiled,"Did the doctor say when you can leave the hospital?"

"Just in a few days," Moore answered. While he was eating the pear, he suddenly remembered something. Then he looked at Jean with a serious face. "By the way, Leo called me last night," said he.

"Leo?" When Jean heard this, she stopped. Then she looked at him in surprise. "What did he say?" asked she.

"He said that he has been following Lance secretly. Several times he noticed that Lance seems to be trying to contact someone. But unfortunately, Lance is so cautious. Leo gets disturbed every time he is close to seeing who that helper is. Now Leo feels certain that Lance may have something to do with the video."

Moore said while he frowned. At the thought of someone trying to hurt Jean, his heart could not help but tighten, and his mood also became somewhat sensitive and tense.

"Well, Lance must have something to do with it." Jean sneered when she heard this. "Moore, let Leo go on keeping track of Lance. If he finds anything, let us know immediately."

"Okay." Moore nodded in agreement. "Although the rumors about the video have been cleared up and you are also proved to be innocent, the person behind it still hasn't been found out. And Lance is the only clue now."

"Yeah." Jean sighed heavily and looked at Moore. "Moore, if something happens to me one day, remember to leave H City. Go far away and never come back."

"What did you say?" Moore looked at Jean in shock. "Did you find anything? Or are you just kidding?"

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