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   Chapter 355 Are You Threatening Me

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 14154

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Moore sounded better than the last time. There wasn't anything strange judging by his tone. Jean sighed in relief. 'Moore must have been longly these days." She brushed the imaginary dust on her jeans with her unoccupied hand before gently pushing the door open, and a huge smile plastered on her face.

As soon as the door opened, she immediately caught sight of the quite huge glass window with its curtains drawn in the center of the room. On the window's ledge was a simple white vase full of flowers that was permitted by the hospital. Beside the window was a small table. On top of the table was an air purifier, making the whole room smell like a stereotypical hospital room. The bed was situated in between the table and a similar table on the bed's right side. It was empty unlike the rolling table with empty plates on it. The television was turned on into a news channel but in mute. Finally, she turned to Moore who had an IV connected on his left hand.

She smiled hesitantly and called out his name. After hearing his name on her voice, she walked slowly towards him with a confident smile this time and added,"I came here to see you."

She stopped at his non-verbal response, eyes widened in surprise. She expected that he would be happy to see her, but instead, he only gave her an expressionless glance, a shadow crossing across his face, and then turned away to look out of the window.

She felt a pang of ache at Moore's indifference towards her as if he didn't recognize her. Despite this, she kept the smile on her face. She moved closer towards him and heaved a deep sigh before asking,"Are you still angry with me? I know I left without saying goodbye last time, but you should know that I had no choice. I didn't know that Zed would come here unexpectedly just to pick me up and insisted that I should go home. Honestly, after that, everything just happened in the blink of an eye that I even couldn't spare some time to breathe,"

Jean explained, hoping that Moore would understand and forgive her.

After a moment of silence, Moore turned his attention to Jean and responded,"So why did you come here and waste your precious time? I thought you are so busy." His eyes pierced at Jean with such coldness that he could be shooting ice towards her. However, the emotion of sorrow slowly became evident on his face and furrowing his eyebrows was his way to hide it.

Jean's smile dropped. Whenever Moore saw her, he had always been wearing a happy smile. This time was the complete opposite, making him unrecognizable. Suddenly, Jean felt a pang of guilt. She was the one at fault, so it was only right of Moore to treat her this way for she might have really hurt his feelings, and she totally deserved it.

Even though Jean felt so dejected at Moore's constant aloofness towards her, a smile crept on her face once more, hoping this time she could please him. "Oh, about the video, you must have heard in the news!" Jean sat on the chair she pulled from the bedside table and beamed,"I rushed here to see you after the video incident was handled."

Moore's expression wasn't fazed by the news. "Do I owe you a thank you then for coming here to see me?" Jean's smile dropped again. Before she could respond, Moore said,"Well then, thank you." Then he turned his gaze back towards the window, adding,"Now that you are satisfied seeing me well, you can leave now. I still feel a little tired, and all I want right now is to take a rest." Jean couldn't believe how Moore treated her. She expected him to return back to his cheery state, but got a worse and impolite response.

She wasn't sure why he was still continuing this act despite all her efforts to keep a smile on her face and try to please him. At that moment, she felt as if she had had enough of his attitude. Anger started to build inside her, and the smile on her face completely vanished as if it wasn't there in the first place.

Standing up, she frowned and thought, 'Ever since I came here, you have been wearing such a long face, and in spite of my attempts to please you, you still don't appreciate them.'

"What the hell do you want, Moore? What do you want me to do?" Jean finally asked irritably, her voice rising. The guilt was

left? Then you won't have the chance to explain to me, so will I. Can you imagine that? Our friendship ended because of a small misunderstanding," Jean said, looking at Moore with a serious face.

This made him get lost in his own thoughts. He had been really disappointed at her when she had left without saying goodbye last time. Of course, he would have conveyed his anger at her when she showed up.

Then again, he didn't give his actions any thought at all and acted upon his pure emotion, forgetting about reason.

These thoughts took him aback. He was fortunate to have not destroyed their relationship.

'What Jean had said was totally right, ' he thought. 'If I vented my anger out on her without letting her have the chance to make me forgive her, she would have left, and the chance of meeting her would have been very slim. She might not even face him anymore, let alone give him a chance to explain.'

With emotions so complex he couldn't point them out exactly, he stared at her, unable to respond.

Jean noticed the mixed feelings that were showing on his facial expression and knew exactly what he was thinking judging solely by it. "What do you think? You do realize that I said those words not to scare you, right?" She said with a playful smirk on her face. At that moment, she knew they had reconciled, so she bent down to pick up the fruits that fell.

"Yeah, but you would have left if I haven't threatened you." Moore murmured softly, frowning at her with discontent.

"What?" Jean asked, not really quite catching what he had mumbled.

"Nothing," he replied, giving her a weak smile instead. Confused, she stopped picking up the fruits and stood up to look at him. She became more curious about what he had said under his breath.

Seeing the frown forming on her face, Moore knew that she would lose her temper again if he told her what he had said. It would spark another argument that might risk him losing her completely, so he immediately changed the topic before that happened.

"You... You two have reconciled?" He dropped the first question that popped in his mind, even though he knew that they did judging by how Jean looked so much better now.

Jean cocked an eyebrow, tilting her head at him. "How did you know?" She was shocked at his sudden change of topic, but more so by what he had just said. It was more of a statement than a question.

He gave her a weak smile. 'How did I know? It is too obvious judging by your face, silly girl, ' he thought but knew very well not to say it out loud.

He cleared his throat. "Well, I saw how both of you acted when you two were featured on the news, and that your innocence has been proven." He stated in an as-a-matter-of-fact tone. For a moment, he didn't know how to deal with the new emotion building up inside him.

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