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   Chapter 354 All Those Old And New Grudges

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7589

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As soon as Benjamin heard that Jean was going to visit her friend in the hospital, a strange feeling arose inside him immediately.

He thought to himself, 'Just aright now, Jesse said she had something to deal with, and now Jean is going away as well. What's going on?'

He stared at Jean in suspicion but seeing nothing special or unusual on her face, he turned questioningly towards Zed.

Zed noticed his grandfather's reaction and immediately understood that he was confused. Walking up to him with a bitter smile, he tried to explain on Jean's behalf,"Grandpa, Jean ran over a guy several days ago and she hasn't visited him recently since she has been so busy. Last night, she decided that she would go to the hospital today, so..."

Benjamin was shocked by his words. He stared at Jean and asked,"Jean ran over a guy?"

Jean offered an awkward smile and swore a thousand colourful words towards him a hundred times over in her heart.

She thought to herself, 'He could have told Grandpa a billion other excuses. Why the hell did it have to be running someone over!'

Since Benjamin now believed that, she had no choice but to sigh and reply,"Yes, Grandpa. I ran over a guy. I'm not really good at driving, you know. It's lucky that the guy survived and is recovering from his injuries, so I want to visit him today."

Since Jean explained this clearly, Benjamin thought that the car accident wasn't very serious.

Or, Zed and Jean wouldn't be so relaxed as they were right now.

The thought seemed to satisfy him and he was relieved at once. Looking at Jean, he advised her with concern,"You should drive carefully in the future."

Jean sweetly replied,"Yes Grandpa. I will."

Totally satisfied now, Benjamin told her to hurry. "Since you've planned to visit him, go on. But remember to come back early."

Jean replied,"Yes, Grandpa." Jean was relieved since Benjamin didn't stop her from going to hospital. So she cutely said,"Grandpa, Grandpa Dan, Zed will be with you. You guys have fun in H City this afternoon. I'll come back as early as possible and I'll cook dinner for you."

Dan laughed and said,"Go on girl. If you don't leave early, how are you planning on coming back early too?"

Jean nodded and gave them a wave,"Goodbye!"


e he was hiding quite a lot of things from her.

Jean wanted him to be completely honest with her and tell her the truth completely, or else she was bound to have a heart attack sooner or later.

Jean bought a fruit basket specially when she reached the hospital and then walked towards Moore's hospital room.

Walking inside the nostalgic and familiar hall, she suddenly had a strange feeling.

Two days ago, she had been in the same place as now, and at that time, only Moore and Zed had been with her. But Zed had put on a poker face for her and it seemed like they were both strangers that time.

After that, Benjamin had come to meet her and Zed had changed his attitude towards her.

Even though they cleared up all the misunderstandings, was the wedge in their hearts also sure to disappear now?

Jean clearly knew that some uncontrollable things had happened and it was impossible for them to pretend like they hadn't.

And that was the reason Zed was being so much more considerate towards her these days.

And she was also dealing much more carefully with their relationship.

They now even wanted to have a baby more intensely and passionately.

But none of this could bury things that had happened in the past.

Both Zed and Jean knew that clearly, but they couldn't frankly admit that to each other.

When Jean reached Moore's hospital room, she forced her thoughts back, calmed down and knocked on the door.

A familiar voice quickly answered from inside,"Come in please."

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