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   Chapter 353 Revenge

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Zed realized that Jean was doing just fine without his company.

When Jean noticed Zed's arrival, she couldn't help so she stretched her neck to look behind him. Shockingly, she found that no one was following him. So she went close and asked in great puzzlement,"Where is Jesse? Just now you both were together, but where is she now?"

"Jesse?" Zed seemed to be puzzled and said,"Maybe she is a little behind me."

As he finished his words, Jean watched Jesse arriving and pushing the door open. From her expression, Jean detected she wasn't in a good mood.

"Jesse, what's wrong with you? Are you feeling uncomfortable?" When seeing the unnatural expression on his granddaughter's face, Dan immediately worried about her and asked with great concern.

"I am fine," Jesse replied, in a hurry and changed her facial expression putting on a happy face. She then said,"Maybe it is because I have not done any sports activity recently. So I feel a little tired now."

This seemed like a reasonable explanation that everyone would buy without further queries.

But Jean passed Jesse a suspicious look and then shifted her glance to Zed.

Zed raised his eyebrows and looked at Jean perplexedly.

Slowly, Jean walked to Zed, then sat down and slightly shook her head to him.

Rich and inviting dishes were set and presented before them. Facing such delicious and beautifully-cooked vegetable dishes, Benjamin and Don, the two seniors who thought highly of health protection, immediately cheered up. Their eyes were rather bright and soon they began to relish the food with a good appetite.

Zed and Jean had rarely accompanied the two elders to eat vegetable dishes before, so they also had a comparatively good appetite.

Only Jesse felt it was rather hard to swallow the food. And the vegetable dishes in front of her remained untouched. She didn't eat anything instead stared at a direction with her eyes wandering freely. With no control over her eyes, Jesse's eyes started to wander aimlessly.

After giving a good treat to their stomach, the two elders came out looking happier. They then happily devoured a superior kind of green tea offered by the Safwan Restaurant.

Benjamin was drinking the tea when he observed that Jean was taking good care of him and Dan. Moreover, she looked sincere and happy to be by their side. He felt his earlier opinion change and then gently said,"Stop bothering yourself serving us, sit down and have a rest yourself. You must be tired."

His voice startled Jean and his words took some time to sink in. Seconds later, she seemed to come to her sense and nodded her head in surprise. Her worried tone became much lighter as she said happily,"Yes, grandpa."

After she finished her words, she walked directly to Zed and sat beside him enjoying the fresh fruit.


er this matter because she had finally made it. Jesse's ignorance didn't hurt her because she had found them without Jesse's help. In short, whether Jesse had not answered the phone on purpose or not wasn't her concern.

'I finally made it and the day went good, ' Jean thought when she heard Granpa Benjamin talk to her nicely.

However, Jean's thoughts had changed totally when she got to know how firmly Zed believed Jesse. Her heart ached and she felt rather uncomfortable.

What was worse, Zed had made various excuses for Jesse and this infuriated her even more. Jean felt that there was a blazing fire inside her heart and it almost ruined her.

"Jean..." Zed saw Jean had become extremely aggressive so he frowned at once. He said with an unpleasant tone,"This is just a small matter. But you just keep on bothering yourself with it. Are you happy with what you have done?"

"You..." Jean glanced at Zed with her red and angry eyes, her chest kept rising and falling. One look at her and one would understand that she was trying hard to hold back her anger.

Jean sneered at herself inside her heart, 'Am I happy with all I have done?

No, of course, I am not.

But as long as I see you protect and speak for her like that, I cannot bear it! I am feeling rather terrible now.'

"Zed, as far as you are concerned, it is a small issue. Maybe it is not even worth mentioning. Yes, you are right. Yes." Jean looked into Zed's eyes seriously and continued,"It suddenly occurs to me that I must go to visit Moore in the hospital. And I remember that I mentioned it to you last night. So you must accompany grandfathers in the afternoon. Good luck with that and hope you will have a good time."

Jean finished this and threw him a cold look. Then she walked towards where Benjamin was seated.

Zed could do nothing so he helplessly watched Jean talk to Benjamin.

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