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   Chapter 352 You Two Are Shameless

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8457

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After squinting against the sunlight, he saw that it was his sweet grandson Zed. Although delighted, Benjamin didn't let it show on his face and scolded Zed,"How come you are here? Why aren't you working in office?"

Just as he finished his sentence, Benjamin looked at Jean from the corner of his eyes to see her reaction.

'Is she afraid that she will be bullied by us? Is that why she has asked Zed to come and help?

But why did she meet us first? Was it to let me change my impression of her?'

Benjamin thought in his heart. 'If she is a scheming person, there is no way I would ever accept her as my granddaughter-in-law.'

Turning towards her, Benjamin tried to read her face with a piercing gaze.

Benjamin's dissatisfaction at Zed's appearance was obvious to Jean. She felt his dislike for her grow and shuddered in her heart. Nevertheless, she put on a brave smile and looked in Zed's direction who closed his car door.

"Grandpa, look at the time!" Feigning hurt by Benjamin's words, Zed walked up to his grandpa and complained. "It's lunch break right now. Do you want your beloved grandson to starve? And don't you miss your precious Zed having not seen him for almost half a day? I thought of you, so I came to pick you up for lunch!"

Zed's affection soon melted Benjamin's heart. He realized he had unnecessarily thought wrongly of Jean.

If Jean was conniving, she wouldn't embarrass herself like this.

His face relaxed and the stern look in his eyes softened after Benjamin was cajoled by his grandson.

Calm and collected, he glanced in Jean's direction and then with a hint of annoyance in his voice, said to Zed,"Who knows for whom you have come, me or or your wife?"

"Of course I am here to pick you up!" Zed replied without any hesitation. "In my heart, you are the most important ..."

"Don't be honey-tongued in front of me! You brat!" Before Zed could finish his words, Benjamin interrupted him with a taunt. Though he still looked cross, there was a smile playing on his lips.

Noticing Benjamin's pleasure, Jean felt relieved. As both the grandson and grandfather engaged in the playful banter, she too couldn't help but smile. Looking at Zed's brown eyes look at her with love, she thanked him from the bottom of her heart silently.

What Zed had said was right!

The elders were quite like children. They needed to be amused and pleased, no matter how imposing they were back in their heyday.

As age approaches a person, what they long for the most is nothing but affec

gnition key off, Jesse changed her expression and got off the car. As Zed came in front of her, she tried to look beautiful and appealing with a smile on her face. In fact, she cheerfully greeted him,"Hi, Zed!"

"Jesse!" Zed replied instantly. "Thank you so much for accompanying the two grandpas for the whole morning!"

His chocolate brown eyes filled with tenderness and sincere gratitude. No wonder all her wrath was swept away in a jiffy.

"The pleasure is all mine! Your grandpa is also my grandpa," A broad smile beamed at Jesse's face. She then said,"Don't just stand here, let's hurry up to get in the restaurant!"

As long as Zed knew that she was doing all of this for him, she could bear any kind of wrongdoing or ill-treatment.

"Okay, let's go! Jean is all alone with both the grandpas. " Zed creased his brows into a frown as he quickened his steps towards the entrance.

Struck by a thought, Jesse stopped right in her tracks. Zed marched in haste and seemed to have not noticed that Jesse was no longer walking with him. She was stunned by Zed's love for Jean. As he grew smaller and smaller walking further from her, a furious expression came over her face.

'Zed, why do you care about her so much?

How could you worry about her in just a second of separation from her?

You said that you hadn't changed, but look at yourself! I can't see any room in your life for me!

You really make me disappointed and desperate!'

Zed walked into the private room. Hearing the door open, Jean looked up.

Both of them exchanged loving looks and Zed seated himself. Jean poured water carefully for the grandpas and took her seat right next to her husband.

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