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   Chapter 351 Let Us Just Rest Assured

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 11504

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Benjamin sighed as he finished his words, looking at Jesse with regret.

Dan spoke in attempt to ease the situation. "Benjamin, let the past stay in the past. We can't do anything about it anymore. That's why it is unnecessary for you to feel sorry about what happened. As far as I can see, Jean is a good girl. She knows how to handle herself. More importantly, she respects you. It's hard to get respect from the youth nowadays." Dan and Jesse exchanged knowing glances. Benjamin zoned out for a while, pondering at what Dan had said.

"Yes, I agree that she is a good girl, but she's not anywhere near Jesse." Benjamin paused, making Jesse smile a little. "If only Jean could be like her. It's a pity that the younger generations nowadays don't take advices from their elders and just deliberately decide on their own. Our efforts of intervention will just deem futile," Benjamin said with a sigh, still zoning out and wondered what could be done. Hearing what Benhamin had said, Dan nudged at Jesse.

Understanding what the gesture meant, Jesse hastily approached Benjamin. She placed an arm across him, rubbing his back to comfort him. "Grandpa Benjamin, it's not good for you to keep stressing out on trivial things, and just trust Zed. We all know how good Zed's judgments are most of the time. Jean must have unique and special qualities about her, so Zed chose to stay by her side even after what happened. Besides, Jean had already broken up with Ethan long ago. She must just be attractive enough for Ethan to attend the party and make a scene." After she finished, Jesse heard another sigh from Benjamin.

"Speaking of which, what happened last night hurts me most," Benjamin said, frowning. He stopped zoning out, and his face looked forlorn. "I still can't believe her attitude. Now that she's married to my grandson, she shouldn't have had any emotional attachment to her ex-boyfriend. See, if Jean never contacted Ethan in the first place, then he wouldn't have pestered her. She led him on, believing he still had a chance. Moreover, it seems like most of her actions were tactless. Her life reeks of imprudence, and I can't seem to grasp why Zed is very fond of her." Benjamin shook his head in disapproval and sighed once more.

"Benjamin, I thought we agreed that we would not worry about the younger generation's affairs." Dan pointed. "Besides, Zed is an intelligent boy, and I trust that he knows what he should do, so let us just rest assured."

"How can I not do anything? I can't even be certain anymore!" Benjamin declared while raising his hand in frustration. I didn't know Jean well before, and now that I know what kind of person she truly is, I must tell her and even might teach her how to be a good and loyal spouse. I won't let her break the law as well for she carries my family name now." Benjamin finished. When he caught sight of the time, his eyebrows furrowed even more. "Oh, you know what? We left home at exactly 9 in the morning, but where was she then? In her room, still sleeping!"

Benjamin became more furious at the thought of someone not waking up before sun rise. He began to tremble in aggravation. Jesse noticed this change of reaction immediately.

"Grandpa Benjamin, calm down. I believe that Jean is not in a good condition. I even heard that a few days ago, she was sent to the hospital." Jesse explained quickly, worried that Benjamin's condition would be compromised because

ointed with herself after realizing that she had gained nothing despite all her efforts.

'Was it because of my tactical blunder? Or had I just underestimated their relationship?'

Jesse had to think about it now.

As if reading her mind, Dan reminded,"We would be leaving H City soon, so think it over and think fast. You know very well that if you don't succeed in getting Benjamin's approval and blessing, you will never have the opportunity to marry Zed. So I expect you not to fail anymore."

Dan gave Jesse a knowing stare. She nodded at him once more.

"Don't worry, grandpa." Jesse assured with a firm voice. "I won't commit any mistake from here on."

Dan looked at Jesse and nodded back with a sigh. He would help her no matter what, and he knew very well that Jesse was a better partner for Zed than Jean could ever be. He quickened his pace to catch up after Benjamin and Jean before their lagging behind would arouse more suspicion.

Even then, Jean was one step ahead. She noticed how Dan and Jesse walked farther behind them for a long while and how they were talking in hushed tones. She was quite confident that both of them had been stirring up another scheme to bring her down.

Nonetheless, Jean shrugged this thought away but kept it on her mind, knowing fully well that Jesse might have had something mischievous in store for her. She focused her attention back to assisting Benjamin out of the park. As they were waiting for Jesse behind them so she could unlock the car, a sleek, black sports car suddenly appeared down the empty road and into their direction, stopping right in front of them.

On instinct, Jean rushed in front of Benjamin to protect him in case of a sudden attack.

'Grandpa's personality was more important than hers. I should keep him safe, ' thought Jean. Benjamin, in shock as well, was more surprised at Jean's concern for him.

Meanwhile, Jean stared at the car with a mixture of astonishment and caution. As the tinted glass window of the car's driver's seat rolled down, Jean finally saw who the culprit of this sudden appearance was. She gaped as her eyes widened in shock.

"Why are you here?" Jean exclaimed as she still couldn't believe her eyes.

The man took off his black sunglasses and grinned at her. "Why not?"

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