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   Chapter 349 You Can Help Me Walk Upstairs

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6153

Updated: 2019-01-28 00:19

"I really want to comfort you, but..." Slightly lowering her head, Jean pretended to be embarrassed and hesitated. Her big eyes blinked and she stopped speaking for a while.

"But what?" Seeing her expression, Zed looked at her in confusion.

'When did Jean learn to keep others guessing and make them feel anxious?' wondered Zed, a little annoyed.

"But I really don't know what to do to make you feel better!" Jean turned her bright eyes, deliberately played innocent, and spoke in a mischievous tone. To Zed, it seemed as if the person who had just been depressed was not her.

"You little cheater..." This time Zed knew he had been fooled by Jean. At the moment, he didn't know whether to laugh or to be angry. Finally, he reached out and turned her around. Slowly, he pulled her and made her lean on his chest. Now he spoke in a tired tone,"You can help me walk upstairs. I'm so tired today..."

After that, he let out a yawn to make her believe.

Jean initially wanted to refuse, but when she heard his yawn, her face instantly showed concern. She couldn't help but start worrying and nagging,"Why are you so tired? Did you not sleep well these days when I was away? Now please go upstairs and sleep! I really don't know how to criticize you for being so careless. But remember, you are an adult! Why can't you learn to take good care of yourself..."

Slowly, Jean helped Zed walk up the stairs. As they walked, she kept on shouting at him for his carelessness.

"Honey, is it because of you that I am so tired?" Zed lowered his head, kept his lips close to Jean's ear, and whispered in a seductive voice. Along with this, he blew warm breath into her tiny ear. A very normal sentence was uttered but she tingled with sensation.

At first, Jean didn't understand his words. But when she thought hard, she realized the vagu

hadn't expected he would stick so tightly. 'I don't have a choice now, ' she thought.

At last, her heart softened as she saw the pitiful expression on his face.

"Well, let me go first," Jean finally agreed reluctantly.

Deep down, she knew if they kept wasting their time like this, both of them would end up in the bathroom all night.

When Zed heard Jean's consent, he instantly glowed with joy. He slowly loosened his hands, but he still hated to let go Jean's soft body.

Jean felt helpless when she saw Zed coming in without taking off his clothes. 'He expects me to take his clothes off, ' thought Jean, a little annoyed.

She resignedly unbuttoned Zed's suit. Looking at that expensive and well-ironed suit crumpled after being soaked in water, her face expressed a look of disapproval.

'Zed really ruined this expensive suit. How am I going to bring it back to its former glory, ' Jean wondered.

Seeing Jean's hesitation, Zed was amused. He was in a good mood and took Jean into his arms again with ease.

"Oh! Zed..." Zed's sudden action startled Jean, who was concentrating on his buttons. She could not help but let out an annoyed sigh. 'This man loves to catch me off-guard, ' Jean realized.

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