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   Chapter 348 Scolded By Grandfather Because Of You

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7194

Updated: 2019-01-28 00:09

"Grandpa, what's your opinion?" Zed turned around to look at Benjamin and asked.

"It is quite obvious that someone snuck them in during the party," Benjamin looked at Zed and said with a serious look.

"I just talked to Jean about this. Our guess is the same as yours. The party was held by grandfather. The entire purpose of this party was to make those journalists know the truth. They would have used their cameras to uncover the truth to the public. Ethan and Shirley ruined our entire plan,"

Zed said as he nodded to show his approval.

While Zed was talking to Benjamin, Jean looked at Jesse to study the expression on her face.

As Jean had expected, when Zed began to analyze the situation, the expression on Jesse's face immediately changed.

Just as Zed finished talking, Jesse stared at Jean for a few seconds before she turned to Benjamin and said,"Grandpa Benjamin, now that Zed is here, I'll leave you two to talk. I'll be upstairs in my room."

Benjamin noticed that Jesse looked very tired. He immediately felt sorry for having her by his side all night long, so he said,"Jesse, it was very kind of you to accompany me the entire night. Go upstairs and rest for now."

"Okay! Grandpa Benjamin, you should go to sleep too. Good night to you all!" A sweet smile crept on her lips as she wished everyone good night.

"Good night!" Benjamin and Zed replied together.

It was only Jean who frowned and felt quite puzzled.

She thought, 'If I were Jesse, I would stay here and hear the outcome of their discussion.

However, she chose to leave as soon as Zed and Grandpa Benjamin started talking. What is she thinking about? It's too strange!

Is she pretending all of this? Is she trying to blur something out before our eyes? Or maybe she saw me staring at her and she realized that I was suspecting her?'

When Jean came to her senses, she realized that both Benjamin and Zed were looking at her. She got surprised and asked,"What happened? Why are you two looking at me?"

"What were you thinking about?" Zed asked curiously.

"Nothing!" Jean shook her head and look at Benjamin with a bright smile before sh

amin noticed Zed was embarrassed, so he cleared his throat.

"Yes, grandpa!" Zed answered honestly and gave Benjamin a respectful look.

"Don't delay this anymore. If you don't want me to interfere, then you should tackle it soon." Benjamin posed as a senior. He stood up and said,"It is late now. You two should also go to bed too."

Then he walked towards the staircase and went upstairs.

When Jean came back to her senses, Benjamin had already gone upstairs.

She turned to look at Zed and found that Zed was also looking at her with a smile on his face.

"How do you feel after being scolded by grandpa?" Jean gloated as she asked Zed.

She stopped as she realized that it was not only her who was always scolded by grandfather but today Zed was his target.

She had never expected that one day Zed would be scolded by grandpa Benjamin too.

She was amazed.

"Jean!" Zed was infuriated by Jean's gloating. He glared at her and gnashed his teeth. "Jean, stop gloating! You do know that I was scolded by grandfather because of you?"

"Let's talk from the start. I don't know what you have done at all. So even if I want to feel pity for you, I can't!" Jean threw up her hands and sighed. She pretended to be free.

Zed glared at her and trapped her in his arms. He said with a pout,"You are such a heartless person. I was scolded by grandfather because of you and you are not even making me feel any better."

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