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   Chapter 347 A Little Surprised

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Zed looked away from Jean after finishing his sentence. He was too shy to let Jean see his expression after what he just said.

Jean, on the other hand, was surprised at Zed's answer to her question. She didn't expect something like that would come out of his mouth, making her blush.

"I - I don't get it, still. What do you mean?" Jean asked, breaking the silence that had loomed before them. "When we were in the hospital, I don't understand why you treated me as if I was the antagonist. Do you know how it felt like seeing you? You gave me this grim stare, and... and such hostile eyes pierced to my soul making me any more guilty than I already was! Didn't you see the despair in my eyes? Or did you not care at all about my feelings?" Crossing her arms, she questioned Zed in disbelief, still not comprehending why he treated her that way. He might have answered some of her questions, but a lot of question marks were still needing answers for her to pop.

Zed chuckled at himself softly but enough for Jean to hear, making her all the more confused. He then faced her and said,"My silly girl, if I didn't treat you with hostility, would you have left me like that? If you stayed with me, it would be very dangerous." He heaved a deep sigh as he stared at her, who was now looking as if a light bulb just appeared above her head. This made his smile bigger.

Now that Jean thought about it, she now realized why Zed had to treat her that way. She couldn't come up with a better alternative, so she left it at that and just nodded her head in agreement. "Well, you're right, but to tell you the truth, if Moore wasn't there, I can't imagine how hard it would have been for me." She pondered for a while and then remembered, turning to face Zed. "Oh no, I wasn't able to greet him." Zed gave her a confused look, but Jean hadn't noticed this and told him that she must go to the hospital and visit him tomorrow.

Jean faced Zed, who was looking at her with a questioning look, so she asked what was wrong. "I know that both of you have this strong bond that you two even have a connection I can't quite well describe. However, after knowing his true identity, don't you think it's wise to distance yourself from him?"

"Why should I distance myself from him? For as long as I had been friends with him, Moore hadn't done anything to hurt me." Jean retorted him, with a puzzled expression.

He thought about what she said for a moment before asking for confirmation. "You do know that his biological father turned out to be Gary, right?" As he noticed that Jean was already calm enough, he started the car engine once more and turned the ignition on to continue driving down the road.

Jean kept her gaze outside of her window and answered,"Yes, I know! It still doesn't change the fact that we are good friends." She nodded her head firmly and continued. "Besides, our friendship has nothing to do with his father. As far as I know, Moore haven't said anything about Gary being his father." She shrugged.

Zed gave Jean a quick glance before returning his attention back to the road. "What do you mean? He doesn't want to accept Gary, let alone acknowledge him as his father? I mean, after all that happened?" He couldn't help but be surprised. Then again, he thought of something and didn't say anything more about the subject.

Jean noticed his sudden change of mood and faced him. She found his silence almost intriguing that she couldn't stop herself from prying. "What's wrong? Is there a problem I'm not aware of?"

Zed gave her another quick glance and shrugged. "Nothing. I just find it surprising. Really. That's all to it." He gave her a reassuring smile and cautiously warned her. "Jean, I'm not narrow-minded, so I understand how you feel about this, but please, for your safety, stay away from Moore. His identity is just too complicated. Besides, Hanley is already keeping an eye on him. I trust he would do his job well, and I suppose if anything comes up, Edna would be there and beat a path to his door personally soon. Please, Jean, for your protection, I sincerely hope that you do your part by keeping away from any potential troubles. You, of all people, know how much we've been dealing with one already. After all, this is the Bai family's business, and we ought not to get involved in it."

you two could escape your old man!" After expressing his doubt, he unconsciously stared at Jean.

Surprised, she caught sight of how grandpa turned towards her after saying that last line. She didn't want to irritate him more, and she knew that if she kept silent, it would just add more fuel to the fire.

Taking a deep but unnoticeable breath, she lifted her head up and gave Benjamin a smile as wide and true as she could possibly muster. "Grandpa, I believe you have misunderstood. It is not what you think it is."

Benjamin narrowed his eyes at her. "Then, tell me, why are you both home so late?" He interrogated sternly. At that moment, Jean felt like she was inside an interrogation room. Despite her insides swirling with anxiety, she kept her calm from the outside.

In her periphery, she glanced at Zed, hoping he could back her up but found him looking at her direction as well.

She cleared her throat and looked at Benjamin with confidence. She tried so hard to stay composed as she responded,"With the night so late and dark, I asked Zed to drive slowly. The dim streetlights weren't enough to cover the entire road, so I told him to place his full attention to safety." She felt Benjamin narrow his eyes more, but she kept her nerves calm, so her excuse won't be exposed. She just hoped that Benjamin would accept this and let go.

Fortunately, the word "safety" struck Benjamin, and his stern expression slowly turned soft. This was one of those occasions wherein Benjamin was in a calm state. He nodded at Zed and agreed,"Well, it is true that you, young man, should drive slowly, especially at night. It doesn't matter how long the drive might be, as long as you placed safety as your number one priority."

Both Jean and Zed were shocked at Benjamin's response. They exchanged quick glances in disbelief.

Most especially for Jean, as she didn't expect their complacency could release them from Benjamin's hard shell.

Most especially for Jean, as she didn't expect their complacency could release them from Benjamin's hard shell.

Jean felt her heart warm at this thought. Sincerely, she gave Benjamin a smile and spoke,"Grandpa, we understand. We will place safety as our first priority. But right now, your health is our priority. You must be tired after a day's work. How about I assist you to your room so you could rest?"

Benjamin's eyes softened. Jean's concern for him warmed and tugged his heart. He looked at her before giving her a faint smile and claimed in a softer voice,"I am in no hurry to rest! I'm concerned about what happened to you at the party, and I would like to discuss it right now."

Jean's smile dropped. Her heartbeat started to race.

She wanted to cry and tried to stop him from making her think and talk about it, but her face showed nothing, completely opposite to what her heart was into at that very moment.

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