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   Chapter 346 Zed, You Are Such A Badass

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9522

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After hearing what Jean had to say, Zed pondered for a while and let out a sigh. Finally, he decided it was better not to tell her the truth.

"Now that the matter is solved and Ethan is taken away, it is best to let go this subject," said Zed. Zed drove attentively and comforted Jean with his words. "Jean, you are still weak now. So don't wrack your mind and tire yourself. Please rest and stop overthinking."

"I am not overthinking. It was obvious that there was someone who wanted to frame me tonight. It is not as simple as you are trying to make it sound. Zed, I can't understand why you are so eager to make me forget the video matter. How can you expect me to let it go so easily? You... You already know who the wire-puller is, right? However, you don't want to hold him or her accountable because you are not willing to hurt that person. Am I right?"

Glaring at Zed, Jean found it hard to maintain her composure. She shouted at him irritatingly. His attitude in this matter disturbed her a great deal.

She was well aware of Zed's personality and knew that he was not the kind of person to let things go that easily. 'But why is he behaving like this?' Jean wondered. Finally, she decided that Zed knew who the trouble maker was and didn't wish to expose that person.

Jean thought to herself, 'Has Zed already known that Jesse is the culprit?

So has he decided not to hold her accountable and let the matter go?

If it turns out to be like this, then Zed, I really feel disappointed at what you have done this time.'

"What are you talking about?" On hearing what Jean said, Zed's heart started to beat faster and he felt his face turn pale. He frowned, turned to look at her and said,"Look at you now. You are woolgathering and guessing randomly. The reason why I ask you to go home and have a good rest is because I want you to keep up a good spirit. Have you forgotten that our grandpa and Grandpa Dan are still there in our home? If you still hold the matter tightly and don't let it go, then how will you look presentable in front of them?"

"Do we have to let it go that easily? Shouldn't we hold the wire-puller accountable then?" Jean looked at Zed and asked again. Disappointment filled her face. The fact that he was dodging this matter unnerved her.

She knew clearly that it was reasonable for him to have such worries.

Zed's grandfather didn't like her and had a rather bad impression of her. As he had come to the H City this time, Jean should have seized the opportunity to behave well and change the impression she had created earlier.


Although it was proven that Jean was innocent and had no fault in this matter, she felt annoyed knowing the culprit remained unpunished. 'That is not fair, ' Jean's mind screamed.

What was even worse is she didn't even know the identity of the wire-p

say that you wouldn't have told me this?" Jean cried harder now. In a trembling voice, she said,"You always hide everything from me thinking it is the right thing to do. But you have never thought that unpredictability and woolgathering will make me even more frightened and nervous. Have you ever thought about that? Zed, you are so selfish."

"Yes, I am selfish." Zed saw Jean cry so sadly and sighed heavily in his heart. He admitted that he was totally wrong and said with a doting face,"Can you stop crying now? If you still feel uncomfortable, you can beat me. All I want is for you to stop crying."

Jean wiped the tears off her face and noticed the flurry on Zed's face. The fear inside her heart then slowly dissipated. With the sadness still inside, she spoke in a choking voice,"Then you promise to me that you will never hide anything from me. I am willing to stay with you only if you promise that. Even if I can't help you with the trouble, I don't want to be kept in dark ever again."

"Ok, I promise you that if you promise me to stop crying," Zed replied, feeling both helpless and lost.

Hearing Zed's words, Jean smiled through her tears. Her cheeks and eyes looked unnaturally red now.

Zed clearly knew that no matter how sadly Jean cried, she intended to threaten him with her tears.

But seeing her cry so badly swelled his heart with pain.

"Jean, you really don't need to worry about me. That day I chose to be hit. They couldn't have killed me even if they wanted to. You know my quickness when facing dangerous situations, right?" Zed noticed that Jean had already calmed down and hoped she would listen to his explanation.

"But why did you choose to be hit then?" Jean sniffed and asked doubtfully.

"Because of you. I thought that if I was in hospital then we can both be in the same place. I was tired of always seeing you surrounded by so many men."

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