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   Chapter 345 Who Could Have Planned This

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7435

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It was a pity that Jesse had left so early and had missed the splendid grand finale of her own show.

Jean had been really looking forward to the contortions her face would have gone through when she would have seen her grand plan fall like a stack of cards.

As they walked out of the hall and bid farewell to each other, Jean and Maranda, two best friends were wearing sparkling broad smiles on their faces. "Thank you so much, Maranda! You've helped me a lot!" Jean thanked Maranda.

"I am really glad that the whole truth came out at last!" Maranda beamed with a wide smile and hugged Jean tightly. "I can't tell you how worried I am after that video scandal came to light. I was so overwhelmed with shame after that. If I had not asked you to go with me, you wouldn't have gotten into trouble.

"Silly girl, you are not to blame! Stop blaming yourself! Even so, they would look for other chances to set me up." Jean rebuked her fondly, giving her a comforting smile.

"But I felt so bad, especially after I came to know that you and Zed..." Maranda suddenly cheered up and smiled. "Now the sun shines again and the sky is clear. It's really great to see you two reconcile."

"Maranda..." Feeling touched by her words, Jean sighed in pleasure. "Thank you for being with me always. And you guys too," Jean turned her head towards Ron and Calvin, sincerely expressing her gratitude.

"I don't know what if I could have done this without you guys."

"Don't shower us with all these formalities. We're all your friends and it is our duty to stand by you." Ron immediately replied, while Calvin merely smiled as he glanced at Jean.

His silence was intriguing Jean. For some reason, he had been silent the whole night and Jean couldn't help giving him another glance out of curiosity. She then remembered when they had met for the first time, he hadn't talked much, either. 'Perhaps he was born a man of few words, ' Jean thought and, satisfied with this explanation, smiled at him.

After she had waved goodbye to her friends and seen their cars drive away, Jean came back to the present moment and heaved a slight sigh. Her smile surprisingly turned sour and a grave expression appeared on her face.

Zed o

by his constant interrogations, Jean pleaded.

Seeing that Jean really didn't want to go on with this topic, Zed could do nothing else and helplessly gave her a nod.

His nod relieved Jean a lot. She took a deep breath and continued to ask Zed in a solemn tone,"Zed, did you hear what I said just now?"

"What did you say?" Zed pretended to ask her because he still felt a little uncomfortable in his heart.

Seeing the expression on his face, Jean helplessly shook her head and repeated the question again,"I find it strange that Ethan and Shirley were at the party. I am afraid someone planned all these for them."

"You didn't guess wrong! That is for sure!" Zed replied as he drove the car. "Luckily, someone helped us secretly, or things would have been damaged beyond repair."

Jean was pleased about Zed's thinking the same way as her and she went on to ask,"Who do you think could have done this? It wouldn't have been simple and easy to invite someone to the party. It has to be someone special."

Deep in her heart, she already suspected Jesse, especially after she had heard the dialogue between her and Shirley in the toilet.

But she had no evidence and it would have been an unwise and harsh decision to spit out her name out of nowhere.

Zed treated Jesse like his sister and cared about her deeply. Additionally, their families were so close. It was better for Zed to find it out himself.

She was not so stupid to throw herself in such a dilemma.

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