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   Chapter 344 You Must Worry Too Much

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8791

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Zed's face turned pale and lost all its color when he saw that.

Without wasting any time to think, he started to run towards Jean as quickly as possible.

But unfortunately, it was too late. As Zed was getting close, Ethan had thrown himself at Jean. Meanwhile, Zed realized that Jean had her eyes closed as if she resigned herself to destiny at this moment.


Zed cried internally feeling more frightened than he had ever felt before. Fear had numbed his voice and he found it hard to utter a word.

'What is happening to me? Please be safe Jean, ' he thought while moving closer to her.

Everyone present watched the commotion waiting to see what would happen next. When Zed has lost all his hopes, someone threw himself over in the fastest speed, with his hands tightly holding Ethan's body and removing him from Jean.

On the other side, Jean slowly opened her eyes in confusion wondering why she didn't feel the blow yet.

Hearing the sound of the fight, she quickly turned her head and saw two men were fighting in front of her.

For a second, Jean was in great shock and stood silent. The man who was fighting Ethan was John which was so unexpected.

She had never expected that John would come forward and risk his life for her.

"Jean, let's go..." exclaimed Zed. Striding quickly to Jean, he caught hold of her hand and started to move to the crowd.

"But Zed, how about John..." Jean said hesitantly and looked worriedly.

"He'll be fine..." As Zed was speaking, he pulled Jean to walk faster.

However, Jean was still worried and looked back frequently as she ran.

After running for a while, Zed and Jean arrived in front of Benjamin. In spite of her body being there, all her attention seemed to be on John. Seeing Jean's absent-minded look, an expression of displeasure came over Benjamin's face. "How dare you meddle in someone else's affairs while you can't even take care of yourself..." said Benjamin.

Jean's face turned pale as she heard his words. With all the worries, she almost forgot the presence of Benjamin. She then addressed Benjamin in a hurry,"Grandpa..."

"Huh..." Benjamin looked at Jean with impatience.

Blushing with shame, Jean could do nothing but stand there uneasily.

"Jean, you stay here with Benjamin. I'll come back soon," Zed said while he patted on her shoulder.

"Alright, take care!" replied Jean, with a concerned look on her face.

"Okay," responded Zed. He touched her long hair, then turned and walked towards the two men who were in a fight.

At this moment, things had started to get out of control.

In addition to the surrou

felt relieved a little and addressed Zed,"The reporters are still here. You guys should clarify with them on today's incident and make a confession."

"Sure," Zed replied and nodded firmly. After watching Benjamin and Dan go under the escort of the security guards, Zed then joined with Maranda, Ron and Calvin. Patiently, he briefed them about Benjamin's plan. They thought for a while and started to make a summary on the event in front of the camera.

Jean had been watching Jesse closely all night. In fact, Jean felt her face boil with anger everytime she saw Jesse. It saddened her to watch Jesse walk around and smile in an elegant manner like nothing happened.

'Jesse Tang, the more peaceful you look, the more I believe you are the one responsible for tonight's trouble.

Shame on you that you did not succeed in the end in spite of spending so much thought on it.


As Jean was thinking about this, another thought popped into her head. Eagerly, she looked around to search for Shirley but failed. 'That bad girl has gone early, ' Jean thought to herself.

After properly explaining to the reporters, the bunch sighed in relief. 'The most awaited part is over, ' thought each of them.

To everyone's surprise, one of Zed's assistants gave Zed the evidence to prove that the video online had been edited earlier. And soon, this evidence reached out to more than a dozen media magazines in H City, each of which had a pivotal position in its own field.

With this strong evidence combined with the clarifications from those involverd in the video, all the troubles related to this video would come to a full stop. And Jean, after all the struggles she had gone through, would finally have the chance to clear her name.

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