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   Chapter 343 Playboy's Affair Exposed

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 14706

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Standing on the stage, Jean stared at her phone, still in shock about the messages she received that she didn't feel Maranda's presence beside her. "Oh my... is that... Dear Lord, Jean, that's wonderful! You can finally get rid of this playboy once and for all!" Maranda acclaimed. She was confident that this would bring Ethan down and thankful that someone saved her dear friend from all the misery that man had brought about.

With a frown on her face, Jesse looked at Jean with great disdain. She knew her plan was starting to fail the moment she saw Maranda perk up as if rejoicing from the fact that they had a wild card in hand, ready to throw to win this battle. Her heart sank at the thought of her defeat.

'What is in that text message Jean had just received?' Jesse wondered in desperation.

She bit her bottom lip, trying to compose herself after feeling a sense of panic. She thought about the people who could possibly help Jean this time and cursed whoever they were in her mind.

She looked around, scanning everyone present and noticed that all the possible people who could help Jean were here in this very room. 'Who else helped Jean this time?'

Jesse's train of thought was interrupted when Jean's voice circulated throughout the room. She was dying to know what Jean had received and what she planned to do next. "Just now..." Jean stopped and deliberately cleared her throat as she composed her thoughts. She faced the audience, swallowing the lump on her throat once more and spoke," Just to be clear, Ethan's affectionate speech tugged none of my heartstrings. His attempt to move me backfired, because I felt sick instead. It made me realize how terrible of a person he truly is that I even regret getting involved with him."

The audience listened intently to every word Jean stated, earning her varied reactions. Some burst into an uproar of agreement while some kept their reactions quietly to themselves, only showing a mocking smile plastered on their faces.

Indeed, this was a reality. Those who did wrong deserved a consequence almost as intense as the faulty action done.

Of course, there were already some who had despised Ethan before this incident. They couldn't believe his audacity for being such a huge flirt in public.

Now hearing Jean say that, many people felt the same instantly.

Jean paused for a moment, observing the crowd's reaction. She was satisfied that others nodded their head in agreement, but she couldn't help noticing how some people looked at her skeptically. Good for them. She had something to show them. "Nonetheless, I know that some of you find it hard to believe just by mere words. In order to reveal Ethan's true nature and to prove that I have done nothing wrong, and I am innocent as I say I am, I will show you what I had just received. This would surely surprise you as it did to me despite knowing how horrible Ethan is. For sure, Mr. Lei here would care to explain what is happening," she said in disgust, looking at Ethan's confused but nervous look.

Ethan stared back at her with narrowing eyes as if ready to hunt her down. His fists clenched tightly beside him. Jean stared back without fear and pressed a button on her phone to project the photos onto the screen.

One by one, the photos started to appear on the large black screen. Gasps emerged from the crowd.

Photos of a man and a woman beside him were projected. The man was obviously Ethan, and the woman was beautiful, but she wasn't Jean. They showed them in intimate positions that one of the images showed them kissing passionately.

Ethan's eyes widened in shock. Most of the audience turned to him to give him a disgusted look. He instantly felt humiliated, but in spite of the embarrassment, he felt his anger welling up inside of him. "These photos are all fabricated! None of them are real!" He cried out, but his attempts seemed to be in vain for none of the audience looked convinced.

"Are you saying that I know about your plan of staging a dramatic scene today that I prepared and asked someone to edit these photos for revenge? If I had known you had such schemes, I wouldn't stoop down to your level!" Jean declared. She gave Ethan a cold and piercing glare. She couldn't believe that he still had the nerve to deny.

"I..." Ethan started but couldn't think of anything else to say. He was unable to respond, making him fee

ont of everyone, I'm telling you, we're done. I don't want to be involved with you anymore. So, stop pestering me, and don't beg for my forgiveness. Most importantly, don't you show your face in front of me ever again, or I definitely won't be lenient with you."

She gave Ethan one angry look before storming off the room and never dared to look back, afraid that someone would see the tears already threatening to come out of her eyes.

For a moment, Ethan couldn't move. Hearing those words felt like his heart just got stabbed multiple times by a dull knife. He stood up after finding his self and called Sheryl Bai's name. "Sheryl...I'm true to you..." Ethan tried to catch up with her, but was blocked by a pair of black-clad men coming from behind and no one knew where they were coming from. So he could only struggle and shout," Sheryl... Sheryl..."

Everyone sighed at this scene.

Even Benjamin sighed deeply. "How can the Lei family raise such a scum as Ethan?"

Zed, on the other hand, looked at Ethan's shameless face. Although he resisted hard as the whole scene took place, he felt a bit sorry for the man, who was insane and a desperate romantic.

He shrugged this feeling away, replacing it with relief. Now that Ethan's offensive acts had been disclosed, Jean was now innocent.

A smile crept on his face before he turned to face Benjamin. "Grandpa, you see, Jean is innocent. You can believe her now."

Benjamin looked at Zed and frowned. "What are you talking about? Do something, and don't let her anyway near that scum!" Benjamin pointed at Jean, still frowning. He was going to blame Zed if anything happened to Jean.

Zed gave Benjamin a hesitant look before realizing that any minute now, Ethan might explode in front of Jean. He nodded and stood up. He smiled once again, realizing how worried grandpa might had been to order him that way. He was just about to walk over towards Jean when Ethan's uproar stopped everyone from what they were all doing.

At that moment, Ethan could be described as a wild animal, trapped and struggling to escape. Jean froze and trembled at the sight of him. He forcefully let go of his right arm and pointed angrily at Jean. "You! You're the reason why all this happened to me. You brought me all this misery! Do you think that after what you did to me, I will just let you go easily? Oh no, woman, I won't let you go back to your happy life!"

He shouted furiously, thrashing and throwing himself away from his captors.

Jean, who was only a few steps away from Ethan, froze. She couldn't seem to muster any words to say, still in shock. She found it hard to grasp the words Ethan had just said. Astonished, Zed immediately rushed towards Jean, but he was too late.

Everything happened so fast that Jean couldn't do anything but watch as Ethan pounced at her. She closed her eyes helplessly, praying for anything or anyone to save her from jeopardy.

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