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   Chapter 342 The Confrontation

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7305

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"Of course I came back. I wanted to see the show!" With a poker-face, Benjamin walked right up to Zed and continued,"Look at the kind of girl you married. She is causing so much trouble for you and destroying your reputation."

"Grandpa." Zed anxiously tried to explain,"Jean is being vilified here. She's not the kind of person you think she is."

Benjamin's response was cold and defiant. "Thank you. I have eyes and I can clearly see the kind of person she is. Were she perfect, no one would have any evidence against her, and no one would try to undermine her status. No matter what you think, your wife brought all these troubles herself."

Zed looked at him with a bitter smile and replied,"You shouldn't say things like that, Grandpa. And to tell the truth, I am the one who caused these hurdles. If I hadn't married her, she would be all fine right now."

Benjamin's beard shook with rage and his eyes split wide open. He strongly disagreed with Zed and wasn't hesitant to tell him so. "OK, all right. Even if I agree that the scandal that ensued because of that video was your fault. But now...? Ethan is her former lover and he said that he loved her in front of so many people. Did that happen because of you too? You heard him as clearly as I did. He didn't care what Jean had done and merely wanted her to come back in his life. See? That's the problem with today's youth. Jean is married to you but Ethan still wants to be with her. What the hell is wrong with him?"

Zed simply smiled a bitter smile. He had no idea how to explain the situation to his grandfather.

He wondered to himself, 'Grandpa should have been home and resting by now.

Why did he suddenly come back here?

It seems like someone planned and thought these things through completely tonight. And the only reason was that my Grandpa would dislike Jean. Whoever thought this out hates Jean and doesn't want her to live happily.

My poor Jean...'

Zed was extremely worried about her and stole a glance to where she was standing. His eyes were filled with sorrow.

He felt guilty that Jean had had to suffer so much just because she had married him.

Jean had also noticed that Benjamin

ll attention.

Ethan was still trying hard to play the soulful man of a tragic love story who had been abandoned by his girlfriend. When he noticed that Jean was carefully reading text, he was unhappy and complained,"Jean, how can you ignore me like this? You aren't even looking at me?"

Jean had finished reading the text. She looked at Ethan, smiled and asked,"Ethan, do you still love me?"

Ethan replied,"Of course, I do. Jean, Gods know how deeply I love you." Ethan thought that Jean was finally touched by his endless sweet-talk, so he hastily nodded his head.

Jean stared at him with a complex look and repeated his words,"Gods know?" Ethan kept nodding his head. But Jean laughed and looked around at the people surrounding them, saying,"You guys all heard what Ethan just said to me. Do you believe him?"

Nobody there affirmed her question and neither did anyone say no. They were just watching the whole performance.

Benjamin's face was white with rage and said,"Zed, look! In such a terrible situation, she still has the heart to interact with other people and ask them such meaningless questions."

Zed comforted him,"Grandpa, don't panic. I know Jean. She just got a text and I believe that the text meant something to her." He believed in Jean.

Jean also saw that Zed was looking at her, so she looked back and gave him a smile.

Maranda was shocked and asked,"Are you sure?"

"Yes. I am." Zed nodded his head firmly.

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