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   Chapter 341 Who On Earth Is Telling Lies

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8493

Updated: 2019-01-26 12:13

When Shirley and Ethan realized that the news they broke was enough to promote the success of their plan, they cast a quick glance at each other. Then, Shirley gave Ethan an imperceptible nod. Being confident about his plan, Ethan looked resolute and started speaking in an agitated tone,"Jean, I have been in pain and have had a hard time since you broke up with me.

Because of you, the Lei family has severed their relationship with me. Now, I am homeless and without any money. But believe me, seeing that you are happy is more important to me than anything else. However, I was sad to see that Zed gave you a cold shoulder after the video incident. He was reluctant to even see you when you were ill in hospital. When I heard of that, I felt rather distressed.

I treated you like a treasure and always made sure you were safe. I can understand and forgive you for abandoning me and being with Zed because I know that all you wanted was a better life. But Zed is so ruthless to you. I can't bear that. I care about you so much. I love you a lot too. Jean, come back to me! Let bygones be bygones. I won't fuss about our past as long as you come back to me. I will love you wholeheartedly.

Jean, I know that you won't believe me, but I have no other way of showing my love. I still wish you could give me a chance. Can you? You have to know that I will always be there with you. If Zed ever wants to separate, keep in mind that my door will always be open for you. Jean, I earnestly love you."

Ethan finished with a passion. Now there was a tender look in his eyes and he had his affectionate gaze fixated on Jean.

These words didn't bring any happiness to Jean. Instead, she felt disgusted hearing it.

For Jean, it didn't look genuine. It looked like a work of a good actor in some crappy TV show.

In their plot, Ethan was like the leading actor who had no regret about his love, while Jean and Zed were just like the shameless couple in all onlookers' eyes.

'Ethan, you are so mean! You are absolutely irredeemable.'

By now, Jean lost her temper and couldn't stand there watching. She loosened her grip on Zed's arm and walked towards Ethan slowly.

"Jean..." Zed called her with a little anxiety. He was concerned about Jean's safety. But judging from the current situation, he concluded that Ethan definitely wouldn't harm Jean in front of people. Moreover, if everyone stayed quiet, then Ethan would keep talking rubbish.

"I'm fine. You don't have to follow me. I will handle it by myself." While Jean said th

w you love me?" Instead of anger, Jean smirked while she questioned him. With her eyes fixed on Ethan, she said coldly,"In fact, I clearly remember when and how we broke up. When we parted, someone at our school wrote an article to reveal your ruthlessness and heartlessness. So that shall remain a proof. Lately, I read this article on the website of the university that we studied in. The pageview and print rate have gotten very high. If anyone is interested, then it can probably be found there."

"You..." Looking stunned, Ethan never expected Jean would be this smart. Realizing that all his lies would be exposed, his facial expression immediately changed. He found it hard to maintain the pretense and looked guilty.

Although the onlookers hadn't read the article, they detected who told the lie from Ethan's worried expression. Jean, on the other hand, looked calm and composed.

With Jean's mention of that article, a sneer ran across all of the onlookers' faces. Now there was no debate going on about who was speaking the truth. Everyone threw Ethan a hate-filled look.

With a tinge of panic deep down in his eyes, Ethan unknowingly shifted his gaze to Jesse.

Initially, Jesse stood there, hoping she wouldn't be in trouble. But seeing that Ethan had turned his eyes on her, she immediately looked in Zed's direction.

She felt anxious when she noticed that Zed had his eyes glued on her. 'There is a suspicion in his eyes, ' thought Jesse feeling worried.

Suddenly, she noticed a figure showing up at the door. Feeling relieved, she immediately let out a sigh of relief and said in a hurry,"Grandpa Benjamin, grandpa. Haven't you gone back? Why did you come back?"

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