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   Chapter 340 The Nude Pictures

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7405

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After seeing that everyone was so concerned about her, Jean was quite moved and she sobbed.

A smile appeared on her face as she sniffed a few hiccups back. 'Everyone falls for at least a couple of scumbags in their life. It's inevitable! But this time, I will not be so softhearted anymore.

Ethan, I never wanted to care about it. You were the one who forced me to fight back.' Jean thought to herself.

Jean actually felt a little relieved. However, after Ethan had finished reliving his sweet memories with Jean, he suddenly said in a sad and injured voice. "But I have never imagined that she was a total liar. She acted as if she was a pure and kindhearted girl. It never occurred to me that she would break with me in every possible way after she met Zed, who was wealthier than me."

His words didn't anger Jean. Instead, she laughed out.

She turned to look at the person on the stage with an indifferent expression.

'Ethan, you're such a bastard. How can you lie in front of so many people without feeling ashamed?' Jean thought.

"Of course, I know this is just my side of the story and many people won't believe me. It's no wonder that many people will choose to stand by her side unconditionally just because she is Zed's wife. To convince you that what I'm saying is true, I have especially invited the witness of my love with Jean, that is, her sister Shirley."

After saying this, Ethan directly walked from the backstage to the center of the crowd with a microphone in his hand.

Jean trembled violently, suddenly realizing that all this had been pre-planned behind her back.

And that was the reason Shirley was here today.

She had been wondering when Shirley would show up and what tricks she would play.

Now she had her answer. Turning to look at Jesse, Jean noticed that her face was really pale; but even in that look, she seemed excited.

Seeing her look at herself, Jesse gave her a defiant look with her mouth twisted in a sarcastic smile.

Jean didn't want to see those ugly features, so she closed her eyes.

She had no evidence to prove that it was Jesse who had planned all this, but she knew that only Jesse was the kind of stark mad who could pull this off.

t for you."

"Don't shed crocodile tears here, please. I know what you're trying to do." Maranda replied in a deeply sarcastic tone.

"You..." Jesse turned towards Maranda and glared at her.

"Yes, me. What are you going to say? You want to know the truth? Here it is — I'm not afraid of you." Maranda said arrogantly.

Jesse stared at him fiercely and then she snorted as a touch of malice flashed through her eyes.

Jean's face turned pale and she already had no energy to fight against the scandals. She looked at Zed blankly and murmured. "Zed, I'm so sorry that you got embarrassed in public because of me. I hadn't expected that this party would be screwed up. Fortunately, Grandpa Benjamin had left, otherwise he would be very angry when he saw all this."

"No, baby. Don't blame yourself. It's not your fault. I believe you. That's enough." Zed gazed at her affectionately, comforting her in a soft voice.

Zed had repeated this many times tonight. And from his words, Jean also believed that he truly trusted her.

Hearing his comforting voice, she felt so lucky to have married such a trusting man.

Zed was really a reliable husband.

"Thank you so much, Zed." Jean's voice was choked with sobs. "I love you. I'm really fortunate to have met a man like you."

"I love you too." He caressed her head lovingly. "Since they are enjoying putting on their little act, we'll just let them play. People who believe in you won't believe what they say."

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