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   Chapter 337 I Can Always Guide You

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8029

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Zed looked confused, unable to understand what Jean's words actually meant.

His puzzled look lifted her spirit and Jean let out a sigh of relief.

'It means that Zed hasn't seen those two ladies.

But even if he saw them, then chances are they didn't talk to each other. It must have looked completely normal, ' Jean thought.

Relief washed over her and now she felt a smile appear on her face. "Nothing. You were with Ron and Calvin, weren't you? Why did you come here? It's women's toilet!"

She changed the topic, not wanting Zed to prob her with more questions.

Unsatisfied with her behavior, Zed glared at her and said,"All because of you! Do you know that there are journalists and paparazzi everywhere watching us? If you are caught, then you will get yourself into trouble."

"Zed..." Speaking of it, Jean's face lit up and there was a twinkle of happiness in her eyes. "I do think grandpa is awesome! As long as you and Ron stand there together, the video thing is solved. You don't even need to say a word."

"I agree. I was so silly ?that?I didn't even consider this plan earlier! It turns out that sorting this mess is not as difficult as I thought." He smiled wryly at Jean. After the video thing happened, he had been worried about Jean's safety and tried his best to find the culprit.

Once the idea of showing up in public to convince the public came to his head, he had some worries and thought it would go wrong.

Fortunately, grandpa got involved and sorted things out with ease.

"So does it mean we don't need to worry about it anymore?" asked Jean gleefully, as she gave a big smile to her husband.

"Relatively, yes!" The big smile on her face pleased Zed too. In the last couple of face, Jean looked sad and miserable. He held her hands tenderly and said,"Let's leave here! Are you going to stay here for the whole night? The party is about to get started soon, so will you dance with me?"

"I am not good at dancing..." Jean blushed, turning crimson with embarrassment. She wasn't confident about her moves.

"It's okay. I can always guide you. But you'd better learn to dance well because we will engage in many social activities in the coming future." With his arm around her waist, Zed spoke to her patiently.

"Can I just not learn to dance?" Jean said looking annoyed with the prospect of learning dance. "I am very clumsy and find dancing really


Now Jean understood Jesse wanted to dance with her husband. 'She is deliberately trying to steal him in front of my eyes!' Jean thought. A victorious feeling of outwitting Jesse passed through her mind.

'Jesse, Zed is my husband and nothing you do can take him away from me.

I have no choice but to be unkind to your shameless behavior.'

With her plan ready, Jean suddenly turned her head to look at Zed and said,"Honey, I just feel like dancing now. Let's go! Let's go and dance!" She flashed Jesse a smile as she whispered into Zed's ear. There was a triumph in her eyes.

With a tinge of?surprise, Zed looked at Jean. When he saw that Jean was staring at Jesse, he immediately understood Jean's intentions. He helplessly smiled and didn't say anything. 'If this is what she wants, ' Zed thought with a sigh.

Feeling elated, Jean put her hand into Zed's to accept his invitation.

They danced happily and delightfully with the music. They were so tacit that they grabbed everyone's attention.

This annoyed and angered Jesse even more. She gritted her teeth feeling her growing hatred for Jean.

Rage was burning like fire in her heart and she angrily sat down and picked up a glass of wine on the table and gulped it.

"Young ladies shouldn't drink too much wine. It's not good for your health!" Calvin, sitting beside her, reminded her in a low voice.

"Don't bother talking to me. And It's none of your business!" Jesse barked in an ungrateful tone. Ignoring the man who talked to her, she stared at the two people dancing on the dance floor feeling disappointed.

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