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   Chapter 336 What A Joke

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6718

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'But why is Shirley as annoying as a fly?' wondered Jean. Jean was not a dessert, but Shirley somehow managed to swarm near her.

It was obvious Jean hated being around her, yet Shirley never took any of these clues.

Deep down, Jean knew that Shirley was aware of her distaste. Yet she bothered Jean and received some satisfaction from doing so.

'Why is she doing this?

Why can't she just go away from here?' thought Jean pleadingly.

"Can't you tell that we have no interest in talking with you?" asked Maranda unafraid. Maranda knew that Jean was too nice to say anything, hence wanted to help her.

Hearing this comment, Shirley eyed Maranda coldly and sneered. "Who are you? Who gave you the right to meddle between me and my sister?"

"Your sister? What a joke!" Maranda said, letting out a sneer. "Jean, have you ever treated her as your sister?"

On hearing her words, Jean shook her head without hesitation. "I have already broken up with the Wen family. As a result, I have nothing to do with her."

"Jean, how could you say that?" Shirley replied, feigning sadness.

"Why shouldn't I say that?" Now Jean raised her voice a notch and challenged Shirley.

"You..." Shirley stared at her fiercely. Seeing Maranda and John frowning and gazing at her unhappily, she tried to calm down. "Jean, you will regret treating me like this one day."

"I will wait for it." Not minding her threat, Jean answered casually.

"Well, let's wait and see." After that, Shirley proudly walked to the crowd, acting like she owned the place.

"Oh, disgusting. Why do we meet her everywhere?" Maranda muttered it under her breath unhappily.

"Everyone attending the party tonight has an invitation. She must be invited by someone." John replied, looking equally angry.

Thinking of something, Jean felt uneasy.

She couldn't help looking in the direction of Benjamin. But there was only Dan beside him, and Jesse had disappeared from the spot.

With her expression suddenly altered, Jean hur

if what happened just now was just Jean's dream. She had to pat on her cheeks to become sober.

Although she still didn't know what Jesse and Shirley would do, she came to know that it was Jesse who invited Shirley to attend the banquet.

'Jesse, I have never realized that you can be so evil. You brought Shirley to deal with me tonight?

And you want me to suffer public humiliation?

No matter what tricks you are going to play, I am not afraid of you anymore!'

Jean thought coldly, got up and went outside.

She washed her hands thoroughly. Then she went forward and started to dry them.

Lost in thoughts, she walked without looking up and crashed into someone's arms.

Jean grunted with pain and rubbed her nose to ease off the pain.

But before she could say something, she saw Zed looking at her with a gentle smile. She was so astonished to see him and her anger vanished.

'It is women's washroom, so why is Zed here?

Was he there for me?

Did he just meet Shirley and Jesse?'

"Zed... how long have you been here?" Jean asked confusedly.

"Just now. But how can you walk without looking up?" Zed frowned and pulled her into his arms, rubbing her nose for her.

"Then did you see other women come out the restroom?" Feeling a little awkward, Jean asked uneasily.

"Other women? What do you mean?"

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