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   Chapter 335 Stop Hiding, I Already Saw You

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6502

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Suddenly, she realized if they had tried this method earlier, they wouldn't have been separated from each other for such a long time.

Grandpa Benjamin's efficiency and tact impressed her very much.

"Jean..." Maranda called snapping her back to reality.

"Yes?" Jean drew back her attention and fixed her eyes on Maranda, waiting for her question.

"What are you looking at?" asked Maranda, confused,"Do you know that gentleman?"

Maranda had noticed that Jean kept her eyes fixated on Benjamin. She frowned slightly and said,"He looked familiar to me. I wonder where I have met him before."

Now Jean understood her friend, Maranda, was still kept in the dark. Guilt filled her and she took two glasses of wine from the waiter's tray. "Let's find somewhere quiet, sit down and talk," Jean said while she handed her a glass.

"I like the idea." In truth, Maranda was really tired trying to fit in this big party. Together, they walked towards one of the corners of the room and both sunk in the big couch. Maranda sighed after one sip of her wine and said,"I hate going to parties, but my boss invited me. I came only because I knew I could meet you here."

"Thank you, Maranda," Jean looked at Maranda and spoke from the bottom of her heart. "Thank you for all the things you have done for me, and thank you for taking care of me."

"You silly, you don't need to thank me." Maranda was a bit disappointed hearing what Jean said. "We're friends. Don't ever say thank you to me again. Besides, I didn't really do anything helpful here. Sonny is amazing. He can easily get rid of the rumors by inviting the media to prove the news false. That kind of tactic is something we really need to learn! I am beyond impressed now,"

Maranda said looking awe-struck.

Jean responded back with a smile.

Maranda was right. This party worked well. She knew that Sonny had only a small role in this plan.

But she wasn't willing to inf

e here," Jean said although she sounded doubtful. She observed that Shirley kept glancing towards a particular direction ever since she entered the room.

The frequency and impatience in Shirley's face piqued Jean's curiosity.

On a closer inspection, Jean understood Shirley was glancing towards the place where Benjamin was sitting.

'Could it be Grandpa Benjamin who invited Shirley here?

How is that possible! Even if Grandpa Benjamin wanted to invite her, he wouldn't have done it by himself.

So, who else can she be looking at, ' Jean thought really hard.

Now Jean got up and tried to ascertain the people sitting near Grandpa Benjamin.

She noticed Grandpa Dan, Jesse and a stranger sitting right next to grandpa. 'So, is she looking at the stranger?

'Does Shirley know him?' Jean wondered with these questions swirling inside her mind.

Feeling defeated, Jean hastily looked away to avoid eye contact but unfortunately, Shirley's eyes caught her.

"Jean, quit hiding, I already caught you!" Shirley's voice buzzed Jean's ears with a touch of viciousness.

Feeling busted, Jean frowned and tried to look away.

Tonight was supposed to be good and she didn't want Shirley to spoil it for her.

'I don't want to talk to Shirley, no matter what, ' decided Jean.

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