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   Chapter 334 Why Did You Come Here

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7550

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Now Jesse watched Zed's face turn red with warmth and love for his wife. This sight brought jealousy to her heart.

She wondered to herself, 'Jean is just an ordinary person. Why is she so precious to Zed?

Zed, you always talk about how important she is in your life! Why do you do that? Maybe I should do something before I leave.'

In the bedroom, Jean suddenly opened her eyes and noticed it was very dark outside.

She rubbed her eyes blearily, realizing it wasn't yet time for the dinner party. She put on her slippers, went to the bathroom and took a hot and relaxing bath.

She then wore a bathrobe and walked out of the bathroom. After that, she put on the beautiful dress that she had selected for the dinner party. When she was done, the door opened and Zed entered.

Seeing her all ready for the party, Zed's eyes gleamed with happiness. 'She looks ravishing, ' thought Zed dreamily.

"Oh, you've got your hair and your makeup done so well. I initially planned to take you to a salon," he said smilingly. Slowly, he moved closer to Jean and looked at her from the mirror.

"There is no need of going to the salon because I'm not used to heavy make-up," Jean said while she stared at Zed. Feeling embarrassed, she asked uncomfortably,"Will I embarrass you with such casual make-up?"

"No, no, no. I like this very much," Zed spoke looking honest. "In fact, I don't like people who paint their faces, as if their faces are painting boards," Zed continued laughingly. Jean, to him, looked fresh in the most natural way with the right amount of touch.

His words delighted Jean. "Since you're okay with it, we'd better go downstairs and find grandpa."

"Grandpa has already left with Dan and Jesse," he stated surprising Jean. Seeing her confusion, he continued,"You were so tired, so I thought it was better for us to go once you got proper rest."

Now her surprise intensified, Jean panicked and exclaimed,"What? Are we late now? Why did you not wake me up earlier?"

Seeing her panic, Zed tried to console her. "Don't worry, even if we go there early, the dinner party won't get started. The meeting part is so damn boring, so why bother?"

His words fell on deaf ears, and Jean was still anxious. "But Grandpa has left w

to inform him about her discovery.

But as expected, Zed, Ron and Calvin stood together and were engaged in some casual conversation.

They looked like they had known each other for years.

And the photographer, standing in front of them, was taking photos of them. Tonight presented so many highlights and Jean guessed it would definitely be the hot topic.

But who would notice that this is a well-thought-out party?

It aimed at focussing all their attention to these young talents.

Just as expected, after seeing these young people talk to each other, the buzzing broke out.

One said,"It turns out that Zed has known Ron and Calvin for years. By the look of their closeness, I guess that their families visit each other frequently."

"So it must be very normal for them to hang out. Moreover, Zed must have been present in the club that day. I bet that Jean, Ron and Calvin are not having an affair. That video must be a farce," agreed another person.

On a closer inspection, Jean noticed that more and more people had started a heated discussion. The commotion increased the heat and made it a noisy place.

Seeing everything turn out the way they wanted, Jean looked at Benjamin, standing in the corner, with pride and admiration.

Now she understood that in life there was no substitute for experience. 'This man is full of wisdom, ' she thought looking relieved.

A problem that disturbed her for the last couple of days was resolved by this man in a matter of seconds.

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