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   Chapter 333 I Think That You Have Changed

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8553

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"Fine, then. I am really very tired. I am going to rest." After she finished saying so, Jean closed her eyes slowly.

Zed watched the growing fatigue on Jean's beautiful face. Although he had been ignored by her, unprecedented contentment consumed him.

Now seeing the extent of her tiredness, Zed realized life must have been really hard for her in the past few days.

Just when he was deep in his thoughts and concerned for Jean, a heavy knock on the door interrupted him from his contemplation.

Zed frowned but was relieved to notice that Jean was not awakened by the noise. Quickly, he ran near the door not wanting the person to knock anymore.

When Zed opened the door and found it was Jesse, the impatient look was immediately wiped off. In a low voice, he asked,"Have my grandfather and your grandfather already slept?"

"Yes." Then she waited for a second before she asked,"Where is Jean?"

"She has fallen asleep." Zed gave a glance at Jean and then turned to look at Jesse. "What did you want to see me for?"

"Let's talk outside!" Jesse said in a gentle tone waiting for Zed's reaction.

"Ok," Zed said and nodded in agreement. He walked out and closed the door slightly so as not to wake Jean from her nap.

His care for Jean didn't go unnoticed by Jesse who felt a sharp bitterness.

Finally, the two started to move toward the garden. There were hundreds of thousands of colorful flowers growing there, creating a vivid and attractive scenery. Jesse looked at those beautiful flowers and admired them for a while. Turning back, she finally said,"Zed, I will be back to the Imperial Capital with my grandfather this time. Will Jean accompany you there then?"

"We won't be there that soon. We can only leave once the matter here is solved. If it is alright then I'd love to stay here with Jean." Zed kept silent for a few seconds and then sighed heavily.

"But your grandfather's intention and attitude is rather clear. I can't believe you don't know that. He helped you solve this problem hoping that you and Jean can quickly go back to the Imperial Capital," Jesse said reminding him about his grandpa's intention.

"I know." Again, Zed sighed heavily before speaking,"But I still hope that I can sit down and have a good talk with my grandfather. I hope that I can make him give up this plan."

"Zed, do you hate Imperial Capital so much? If you don't come to Imperial Capital then it is going to be really hard for us to meet," Jesse said sounding disappointed. She was very upset by Zed's reaction.

"Jesse, what's

ed. You and I can not escape the destiny arranged by the God. It is our mission. So, in order to stop your parents from worrying, you have no other choices but to listen to them. Do you understand me?"

"Yeah," Jesse said while she wiped her face with the back of her hands. "I know what I should do then."

"That's great." Zed smiled happily seeing Jesse's reaction and said,"Now you can enjoy your life for a while. I am afraid that there won't be much time for you to have fun in the future."

Jesse nodded, a sense of sadness in her bosom seemed to drown her.

'Zed is right. It is my destiny and I should not run away from my responsibility.'

A sad smile made its way to her face. She realized that once upon a time, people desired and envied her for this princess life.

However, they lacked proper knowledge about the responsibilities that came from being born to such a family.

'Yeah. Zed is right. I cannot escape from my responsibilities anymore, ' she informed herself.

"Zed, did you marry Jean because you had to marry someone and didn't like having an arranged marriage?" Jesse calmed down and put forward this question.

"Jean is an exception. What I have done is to reject my grandpa's proposal." Zed stopped, shook his head bitterly and continued,"Until I am thirty-five, I can do whatever I want to do and then go back to the Imperial Capital to do what my grandfather hopes me to. But luckily, I met Jean and my life has changed for good. I am more than happy and content to have met her in my life. Having her as my wife makes my life so much more wonderful. She brings color to my black and white life. I think I won't have any regrets as long as she is by my side."

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