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   Chapter 332 That Was Out Of Line

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7623

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"We really shouldn't be doing this..." Jean struggled hard to stop Zed from throwing these passionate kisses. Finally, she pulled free and blushed as she looked at him.

Kissing in the broad daylight seemed like a really bold move to her. On top of that, two elderly people awaited inside, yet he felt the need to do it.

Seeing Jean blush like a school girl magnified his urge. But he knew that it wasn't the right time and resisted the urge. Feeling bad, he stretched his arms to hold his wife tightly and buried his face into her hair. Smelling the wonderful scent of Jean's shampoo, Zed tried hard to calm himself down.

His desire was palpable and Jean felt it too. Instead of pulling free from this hug, she allowed him to hold her tightly.

What made her thrilled was the knowledge that Zed's passion for her hadn't faded in spite of their long separation.

On top of that, she was happy to have cleared the misunderstandings.

Their relationship wasn't strained anymore. If anything, it made it stronger.

Knowing this had both surprised and satisfied her.

"Let's go!" Zed whispered to her ear once he had hugged her to his heart's content.

"Okay," Jean replied diligently while nodding her head. Together, they walked toward the dining room catching each other's hand.

In the dining room, Benjamin, Dan and Jesse had already been seated themselves while Zelda busied herself putting the dishes on the table.

While the happy couple entered, Benjamin realized something was different. Being so sharp-eyed, he immediately noticed the hot blush on both of their faces.

"You both are so impolite and rude! How can you make us elders wait for long?" Benjamin questioned with a contemptuous gaze.

His eyes turned sharper while he looked at Jean.

That look made her feel miserable. It was like he implied Jean was the root cause of this delay.

An embarrassed smile appeared on Jean's face as she looked at the irritated Benjamin. She hastily walked up and showed her courtesy to him while distributing the dishes for him. In a sincere and ebullient tone, she explained,"Grandpa, Zed just told me what you like to eat and what you don't like and that is why we came a little late."

"You are very thoughtful, Zed!" Dan enthused as he smiled at Ze

" Zed said while he winked. Saying that, Zed carried her and made his way towards the bed.

"Zed..." Jean screamed, knowing what Zed intended to do with her. Her face blushed deeply and she closed her eyes. Cuddled in?his arms, Jean shyly reminded him,"Stop it now! We still have something important to do tonight! Neither of us rested well last night, so we have to take a nap now, okay?"

"Don't refuse me, Jean! I really want you right now!" His eyes burnt like fire and he looked into Jean's eyes desirously.

"I..." Unable to speak, she blushed even more and avoided having eye contact with him. In a soft voice, she told him,"Zed, I just want to take a good rest."

The persistence in her voice left him with no choice. He helplessly sighed and gently placed her on the bed,"Fine! You indeed need a good rest for tonight's dinner party. But don't be that nervous and remember you always have me beside you."

"Okay, thank you!" His encouraging words deeply touched her. "Zed, no matter what Grandpa thinks, we have to do a good performance tonight!"

"And you have to put up a good show after we come back home." Like a fierce tiger, Zed pounced on her and flirted with her.

Once again, her relaxed face turned as red as an apple.

"I promise you." She composed herself and bravely met Zed's passionate eyes. "What are you thinking about ?"

"Jean..." Zed felt his excitement reach a new extent. He hadn't expected her to promise him so readily. He now loved her even more, if that was possible.

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