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   Chapter 330 How Can You Be So Muddled

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7020

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Zed turned pale and he stepped back a bit, looking shocked.

Zed's uncle used to greet everyone with a smile but now he suffered from a deadly disease.

How ironic that good people don't live long!

"Does my parents know about this?" Zed asked as his voice trembled. He tried his best to remain calm.

"Not yet! I haven't told them yet. Simon only told me about this." replied Benjamin as he sighed. "He was planning to hide this from everyone. But I found out that there was something wrong with him, and I made him tell me."

"Hasn't Uncle Simon told Kirk too?" Zed asked in a shock.

"No. Kirk has a girlfriend in Switzerland, and they are about to get married. Simon wants to tell them after their wedding," Benjamin replied, with a heavy sigh. He then continued,"As you know, Kirk is busy with his studies and he has no interest in our business. So Simon and I talked this through and have decided to have you back at the Imperial Capital, and let you take over the Qi family industry."

"Grandpa, although my father owns some shares in the company, it is Uncle Simon who is the real President of the company. If someone has to succeed then it should be Kirk Qi. Anyway, we must ask Kirk first! If he would like to take over the company, he should! I don't care how it will turn out in the end," Zed replied with sincerity. After a brief pause, he continued,"In fact, I really don't want to go back to the Imperial Capital. I think it will be good if I stay here. If I haven't made the thirty-five-year-old promise with you, I really would not go back."

"I know what you mean!" said Benjamin, as he interrupted Zed,"I know that you have never liked Simon's wife. You never liked her way of doing things. That's exactly why Simon and I want you back there. This company is not how it used to be. There were mostly Qi family members in the beginning but over the years, your aunt has planted her spies all over the company."

"I still think Kirk will be the right person to take over this company. And I'm sure my father would agree with me too," said Zed, with a serious look on h

It took several seconds for Benjamin to realize that Jesse was waiting for his answer. He then cleared his throat and sighed. "Jesse, listen, my child! I know you have feelings for Zed now."

Jesse fixed her eyes on Benjamin. She waited for him to continue speaking.

"As you know, I'm not happy with Zed's wife as he got married to her without telling us." With a brief pause, he continued,"However, even if I'm not satisfied, they are still married. Do you really want to see me beat them up and make them divorce? No, I will not do that, and I know that you wouldn't want this for them either. Am I right?"

Jesse was confused and wondered, 'What is that supposed to mean?

Is Benjamin trying to convince me that I can't be with Zed?' She tried her best to calm down and continued listening to every word that Benjamin was saying.

"Actually, I used to think that you and Zed would make a perfect couple. But to my surprise, you did not have a crush on Zed back then. You both thought of each other as sibling and nothing more. My dreams shattered at that very moment. This relationship is something that you can't force for it to happen. As long as you are happy, we will be happy! But, Jesse, do you like Zed a lot? You used to be a smart girl, Jesse! How could you get so caught up in all of this?" Benjamin asked and shook his head slightly.

This time, Jesse's expression changed.

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