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   Chapter 326 Dissatisfied Grandfather

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7211

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Jean studied the aged man suspiciously. She wondered whether this old man was Zed's grandfather. He looked graceful and elegant. His eye angle shifted to Jean after he gave a gentle hug to Jesse.

'Is he really Zed's grandfather?

He looks so young, around sixty. Didn't Zed tell me that he was already eighty?'

Jean thought as she was puzzled and she was afraid that maybe she was looking at the wrong person. Even though this thought crossed her mind, she still remained calm. Jean walked up to him and politely greeted him,"How are you, Grandpa? I am Jean Wen. Welcome to H City!"

"You are calling me grandpa?" the old man smiled at Jean and said.

"Yes, grandpa!" Jean was stunned by his question and soon responded.

"Jean, I didn't expect you to be this excited to see my grandpa," Jesse said as she linked her arm with her grandpa's.


He is Jesse's grandpa?'

Jean was shocked. She stood there, still paralysed with embarrassment, not knowing what to do.

'What the hell is going on?' she wondered.

"How could you call someone else's grandfather as your grandpa?" They suddenly heard a sound and everyone was stunned.

Dan Tang, Jesse's grandpa quickly stepped aside and made way for another old man. In a very respectful tone, he said,"Benjamin, don't be mad at her. After all, she has never seen you before."

Behind him was another old man, who glared at Jean furiously.

Jean could see that he resembled Zed very much, especially his sparkling eyes matched those of Zed's. Though full of life, everyone trembled with fear because of his stare.

Any fool could tell that he was Zed's grandpa.

There was an awkward silence between them and so Jean walked up to him and respectfully greeted,"Grandpa, it's nice to meet you! Please forgive my discourtesy. I apologize for being reckless but I will make amends for my fault by doing good deeds in the future. Please have nice days in H City."

"It is easier said than done." Benjamin sneered and gave Jean a scornful look. Jean could tell that he was not satisfied with her. Benjamin complained,"I am so annoyed to see you for the first time only. Now I unders

trying to deceive yourself? Jesse, when will you grow up and live your own life? Let me tell you one thing. I came back here for two reasons: one is that I am worried about you. The other is that your Grandpa Benjamin wants to ask Zed and Jean to go to Imperial Capital to take over the family business."

"What?" Jesse was astonished to hear this. With disbelief, she looked at her Grandpa and said,"Isn't Zed doing very good in H City? Why will he ask Zed to go back to Imperial Capital when it is not even the right time? There are still a few years before he turns 35 years old."

"It is because Zed is facing some troubles in this city and your Grandpa Benjamin wants to solve it personally. He also wants to see whether Zed's wife deserves Qi family or not. If she meets his requirements, he will ask her to go back to Imperial Capital with Zed,"

Dan paused for a second, looked at his granddaughter, sighed and said. "So, I advise you to give up on Zed. As long as your Grandpa Benjamin is satisfied with her, no one can separate them. Even if Zed decides to divorce Jean, it isn't going to work. You know how your Grandpa Benjamin is!"

"But, Grandpa, do I not have even a little chance? We have never been together and I will never give up. I will try my best before giving up. The matter hasn't come to an end yet. Isn't Grandpa Benjamin satisfied with Jean yet? I will make sure he hates her her forever!" Jesse said.

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