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   Chapter 325 I'm Not Interested In You

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6754

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'What I expected?'

Jesse looked at Jean angrily. She felt as if Jean had already planned this through.

If she had known Jean was this clever, she would have never asked her in the first place.

Now she got herself in trouble.

The car drove towards the airport smoothly. There was an awkward silence in the car again. The two stopped talking and remained silent.

They finally arrived at H City International Airport. There were a lot of people.

Jean and Jesse walked towards the Arrival hall which was for domestic flights.

Jesse drew the attention of men by her beauty. They were left drooling all over the place as they looked at Jesse.

Jean, who was walking beside her, kept her distance from Jesse.

She wanted nobody to look at her so that she could walk in peace. She stood there and looked at Jesse, quite relaxed.

Jean had always agreed that Jesse's figure was much better than hers.

A woman like Jesse would never be rejected by any men.

Even Zed wouldn't have rejected her. As long as she was brave enough to tell him how she felt about him, he would have never refused her.

So Jean had mixed feeling as she stood beside Jesse.

Her manipulation skills, on the other hand, were beyond anyone's imagination. Jean could have never competed against her.

She knew that it was a threat to let Jesse stay with them because she might try to ruin their marriage.

But in Jean's heart, she was impressed that Jesse cared for Zed with her heart.

Just like now, she tried doing everything she could to welcome Zed's grandpa.

But why did she choose to stay around Zed?

There are people in this world who are more outstanding than Zed. Why wouldn't she go look for someone else?

The men who stood around Jesse looked educated, rich and elegant. There might be many who would have loved to have Jesse as their woman.

Jesse looked as if she didn't care about anything. It was as if she was born for this. She talked to them elegantly.

Jean sighed and smiled bitterly.

social status, those celebrities never competed with her.

It looked like that maybe Jean had underestimated Jesse. Jean's heart skipped a beat.

It was because Jesse had everything but she still ran towards those which she couldn't get.

Jean felt that her heart ached. A name flashed through her mind.


"The flight has arrived! Grandpa is going to come out soon," Jesse said with excitement as she focused her attention on the passageway.

Jean looked ahead. She felt her vision got a little blurry so she rubbed her eyes and it became a little clearer.

The flight from Imperial Capital to H City didn't have any stops so the number of passengers were relatively more than usual.

Jean looked through the crowd looking for an old man in his eighties, as she had always imagined.

After some time, the crowd was almost gone but there was no sight of an old man in his eighties.

'Did he not come?'

Jean bit her lips and panicked. She picked up her phone and called to confirm.

Right at that time, she heard a voice full of passion,"Grandpa, I finally see you!"

Jean shivered and her hands began to tremble.

She looked up and saw Jesse as she hugged a man with grey hair. He looked energetic and seemed to be in his sixties.

'Is that Zed's grandpa, Benjamin Qi?

This can't be possible?' she thought.

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