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   Chapter 323 Am I Still In Your Heart

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9626

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"He is awake?" Zed was taken aback. "Why didn't my men tell me that?" he asked in surprise.

"Your men?" Jean immediately caught on to what she thought was the keyword from Zed. Staring at him with a confused expression, she asked,"Zed! Tell me, how many people in the hospital are 'your men'? And why did they have to inform you when Henry had woken up?"

Zed suddenly realized that he had been careless and now, the milk was spoilt. He blamed himself for being so stupid and reckless in front of Jean.

However, it was not all his fault. He really didn't know that Henry had woken up, so was intensely surprised when he learned about that. So much so that he almost jumped up.

"That is not important. What actually matters is that I should have known Henry had woken up as soon as it happened. Anyway, if he is awake, why need you go back to the Wen Group? Was that his idea or your doing?" Zed looked into her eyes and asked in a serious tone. He was beginning to get really worried about her.

"I wanted to go back to the Wen Group." Jean did not want to hide the truth anymore, so she admitted everything to him frankly, and continued,"You know the condition Henry is in right now! Although he is awake now, it is not certain if he will recover fully or not. I didn't want the Wen Group to fall into Joy or Shirley's hand, so I decided to go back. I intend to protect the company well."

"You..." Zed frowned. He didn't seem to be particularly agreeable with the idea. "If you want to work in a company, there are a lot of subsidiaries of the Qi Group and you can choose from any of them and continue to work here. But the Wen Group... Please trust me on this. Don't go back there."

"No." She downright refused his advice and replied,"I didn't say that I want to occupy the Wen Group. I just..."

"You just what?" He looked at her with all the attention he could have given her, as if he didn't want to miss any expression. He saw that she was biting her lips awkwardly. Worried and uneasy, he frowned and couldn't help asking.

"Because my mother also contributed to the founding of the Wen Group. It was her efforts that made it a successful business, and I don't want to see the company be controlled, taken over, and ruined by Joy." Jean replied with a sigh.

She certainly didn't want to say anything about the doubts she held in her heart of her mother's death.

If she had told him about that, he would have opposed her intentions to go back to the Wen Group even more.

Zed noticed that she was rather quiet after saying those words. And he lost himself into some deep thoughts.

He pondered, 'Oh, at last! So that's the reason she wants to go back to the Wen Group.

It is because her mother endeavored to establish the Wen Group, which is also why she is always ready to face all accusations that Henry can throw at her.

I see now!'


umed him at once. He was trembling before asking unbelievably,"Jean, dear, do you really mean that... Can I?"

Jean glanced at Zed with great shyness and quickly shifted her gaze on the other side as if to cover her shame. She kissed Zed actively using her action to make him know her intention.

Zed immediately became a wolf when feeling Jean's passion for him. He could not control his desire anymore and held Jean to the side of the bed. Then they fell into the white sheet on the bed.

Even the moon was too shy to peek onto the room. The night was dark and it hid itself behind the clouds. The world was becoming quiet. However, their bedroom wasn't about to be silenced so soon...

Jean woke up by herself. When she stretched her body a little, she found that Zed was not by her side. He had gone and even the place he had slept on had been cold.

Jean hurriedly opened her eyes. The crazy action of both them kept playing in her mind. A sweet smile appeared on her face in secret.

The sadness that had long bothered her had totally vanished with the influence of Zed's passion for her last night.

Although they had been indulged in love and excitement and she only had slept for three hours, Jean was full of spirit and had a rosy face. Anyone who saw her could find out that she was deep in love and had been loved by a man.

Jean also saw the change in the mirror. She laughed out in happiness.

Then she had a quick wash and changed her clothes.

Her moblie phone rang just at that moment.

It was just like a telepathy that struck on Jean. She was sure the call must be from Zed.

Sure enough, when she picked up her phone, the name showed on the screen was exactly Zed. She smiled pleasantly again and received the call,"Zed..."

Zed hadn't heard Jean's sweet voice for a whole morning. So when the voice came to his ears through the phone, a big smile crept on his handsome face.

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