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   Chapter 322 You Better Not Force Me

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9107

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As soon as Jean mentioned divorce, the veins on Zed's forehead seemed to pop out. Instead of answering, he merely glared at her with burning eyes. Jean was taken aback by the sight of his furious face. To this day, she still didn't know why he immediately went into a rage every time she mentioned divorce. It was totally puzzling.

'Does he care so much? Is it about our marriage or me?

If so, why does he treat me that way?' She thought.

Jean shook her head at these thoughts, as it was evident what she was thinking wasn't possible. Sighing due to his intense gaze, she said,"I came back because of your grandfather. I may still be your wife in name and for everyone else. So I want to at least perform my own duties well. But Zed, do you really want to ignore all problems between us just for your self-respect? That is so ridiculous. Won't you divorce me especially after how unhappy you are with me? Do your reputation and self-respect really mean that much to you?"

Jean asked him intensely.

Her words seemed to stir up some feelings inside Zed. The anger in his eyes slowly subsided. As he noticed Jean's bitterness and the pain on her face, he was overwrought with grief and guilt.

'Jean, why can't you understand me? I am unwilling to let go of you, because I love you.

But now, you won't trust me even after I've shown you my heart.

And all those things that happened between us might have been destined, ' Zed thought.

"But in any case, I will not settle for divorce no matter how you think of me," Zed declared in a firm voice. Immediately, he turned his back on Jean again, as if he wanted to change the topic completely.

Wearing a gloomy face, Jean glared at his back. She was so angry that she wanted to slap him hard on the back of his head, just to get him level-headed, if nothing.

'How can there be such a person in the world? Apparently, it has become unnecessary to keep our marriage anymore, but why is he still insisting that he will not divorce?

Does he want to reconcile himself to this failed marriage? Or is there some other reason for his insistence?' Jean thought.

"Why are you unwilling to divorce?" Jean finally dropped this question on Zed after careful thinking. The puzzlement and curiosity were too much for her. Waiting for his reply, she fixed her gaze on the side of his face.


Zed smirked. Gradually, he turned over and replied to her face to face,"What if I say that I am unwilling to divorce you because I love you? Will you trust me?"

'I trust you, ' Jean mumbled to herself.

Staring at him, she nearly uttered these words loudly. In the beginning, she had been very excited and glad to hear what he had said. But when she noticed t

nd he said,"You better not bite the hands that feed you..."

"I have been biting the hands that feed me all the time," Jean replied back without any fear and with a fixed gaze on him.

Staring at her fury, Zed let out a helpless sigh and said,"Okay. Can we just talk with each other calmly? Tell me why you want to go back to the Wen Group. Henry is still in coma at the hospital. Do you know how dangerous your situation will be if you go back to that company?" Zed tried hard to suppress his anger and persuaded her as calmly as he could.

Jean felt a little regret when she discerned Zed's concern for her on his face.

She thought that she shouldn't have told him about her decision to go back to the Wen Group on impulse. Telling him her decision not only caused Zed to worry about her, but also upset herself.

"I..." Jean hesitated for a while. At last, she shook her head and replied,"I don't want to say anything more."

"Do you believe that? Alright, I will ask someone to watch out for you if you don't tell me why you plan to go back there. That way, you will never get a chance to go out of the house!" Zed was seriously threatening her this time!

"Zed, don't make me hate you." Jean was totally annoyed now by his threats.

"You better not force me to do that too." Zed's gaze was still fixed on Jean. He insisted on getting an answer from her.

At his insistence, Jean realized that Zed wouldn't let her go if she didn't tell him why she wanted to go back to work in the Wen Group.

On the other hand, she was moved a little by what he had said. Evidently, he had shown his concern for her.

Jean was sure now that he cared about her even now.

"Henry has come back to his senses." She suddenly let out the truth in a calm tone, reassuring him. "So now, you can rest assured!"

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