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   Chapter 321 Are You Scared Of Me

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7455

Updated: 2019-01-22 18:42

Jean kept her eyes closed. Her body was shivering and her eyebrows were raised. When Zed discerned her fear, a ridiculous smile appeared on his face which bore a sad expression.

He hadn't expected that Jean would be so scared of his touch.

"There is a goose feather stuck in your hair," Zed told her flatly as he took the goose feather off.

As soon as she felt his touch in her hair, Jean opened her eyes. She had thought that Zed was teasing him, but when she saw that he was actually holding a goose feather, her entire face flushed over at once.

Staring at her reddened cheeks, Zed wondered how lovely and charming the woman in front of him was! He was tempted with great sexual desires.

Instead of hugging or touching her again, he hesitated.

He thought that he couldn't scare her again, and more importantly, he thought he couldn't scare her away.

And to that end, he had made every effort to suppress his sexual desires and tried hard to withstand the temptation.

Embarrassed, Jean stared at Zed with an uneasy expression. He returned her gaze but none of them said a word or did anything. They didn't know what to say or speak. Despite her shyness and embarrassment, Jean finally broke the silence and said,"It is very hot today..."

As soon as these words came out of her mouth, she felt even more embarrassed. All of a sudden, her cheeks turned even more reddish.

"Yes! It is really hot. I am going to take a bath." Zed strode towards the bathroom immediately as he finished these words.

Jean looked at his back in bewilderment. 'What's wrong with him?

Hasn't he just finished his bath?'

Jean was lost in thought but a long while later, she suddenly understood why he had gone and a shyness took her all over again. She intuitively pulled the quilt up a little by the corner and covered herself timidly. She dared not move at all, but just lie still.

About half an hour later, Jean felt the bed sink down deep beside her. Zed had come and lain down after his second bath. Her heart was beating faster and faster. To prevent him from hearing her quick and short breaths, she shut her mouth, and lay there on pins and needles.

The two of them had slept together on the same bed for ov


You are not willing to explain.

Have I overestimated you?

Or are you trying to ignore me?'

All Zed saw was Jean staring at him in silence with noticeable disappointment. He felt dejected and smirked. "I thought you would ask me about the video..."

Jean came back to her senses from her wild thoughts and gazed at him before replying flatly,"About the video, I told you that I was framed. It is up to you whether you believe it or not. I won't ask you for your forgiveness again. So far, nothing good has ever happened to me."

"Since you've agreed to come back, I thought that you would ask me why I didn't trust you." Zed confessed with his gaze fixed on her.

After all, Jean had tried so hard to explain everything to him after the video incident. To get a chance to elaborate, she had even gone to his company. Afterwards, she had witnessed Jesse and him sleeping on the same bed.

After thinking for a while, she realized that she couldn't just put the blame on others. After all, it had been because of her own carelessness that she had given others a chance to get close to her husband.

At last, Jean cast a weird glance at him and said,"Now, you know that you have misunderstood me. Will you agree for a divorce?"

"Divorce?" Zed sneered and his anger suddenly mounted inside. He added,"Don't tell me that you came back just to get a divorce! Is that the reason? You're forcing me to divorce you by using my weaknesses. Don't even think about that!"

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