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   Chapter 319 You Dirty Rat

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7541

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As the thought of the fact that Maranda followed Jesse's advice to organize the press conference crossed her mind, anger rushed to Jean's face.

'If it were not for you, Maranda would not have put herself under the gun. My dear Maranda! Why were you so thoughtless?

The press conference helped doing nothing but made them thirsty for your blood, ' thought Jean.

"I'm not here to taunt you but I thought that you would be okay dealing with such a small press conference? This really disappointed me. It seems like I should have never trusted you but I should have done it all by myself," she said. A smile crept up on Jesse's face.

"What are you planning to say?" Jean heard Jesse's words. She stared at Jesse for a little while and said,"You must have known the consequences beforehand! You set this up! But what was your purpose? What is it? Is it because..."

Jean was shocked when she figured out the reason.

"Yes! That is what is in your mind." Jesse thought that there was no need to conceal her intention and she admitted,"All I did was to help Zed. The press conference has diverted the public's attention to Qin's, Ron's and Li's family instead. I hate to see Zed trying to make efforts in order to reduce losses. Even if the press conference hadn't gone well, It would have still benefited the Qi Group."

"Jesse Tang! You!" A furious look took over her. Jean put out one finger and pointed at Jesse. She still failed to work out how to defend herself. She could only stare fiercely at Jesse.

"Don't stare at me like that! Zed is your husband. Do you want to help others rather than your husband? Besides, everything that happened was because of you," Jesse said sadly and gave Jean a blank look while thinking of everything that Jean had done.

"You! You dirty rat!" Jean raised her voice and said it out loud. Then she turned around quickly and rushed to her room.

As Jesse saw Jean leaving, a triumphant smile flashed across Jesse's face. She was so happy to make Jean suffer.

'I'm going to make you realize that you are not innocent. You are the troublemaker.

Zed tolerats your mistakes and protects you from any harm

but not everyone will do that.

I will make you realize that you are the one who always make

conceal his love for her, but he wasn't sure if he could control himself tonight.

'Do you really understand me, Jean? I want to protect you. And I really miss you so much. I hope I could have your accompany every day.

I want to spend every minute of my day with you.

I miss the time when you were with me, your warmth. I'm used to having you wrapped around my arm. Without you, I hardly fall asleep.

I know you hate me because I have always treated you harshly but I didn't mean to hurt you.

Since I can't explain anything to you, I have to make sure you follow my orders.

You might feel uncomfortable but that's the best I can do for us, '

Zed thought. He would like ito go back to the bedroom after work but he was too scared to see Jean now.

Suddenly, he started laughing and put out his cigarette.

'Why am I afraid?

Isn't she my woman?

I love her so much.

What I should do now is to meet her and hold her in my arms.'

As he thought that, he jumped up from the sofa and rushed out of the study room.

As he was just outside the room, Zed spotted Jesse as she walked out of the guestroom. Jesse walked toward him and said,"Zed, did you finish your work?"

"Yes," Zed replied and nodded. Seeing Jesse stood there with bare feet, Zed frowned and scolded her,"Why don't you put on your shoes?"

"Oh, I forgot!" Jesse looked down at her feet and said shyly. She hesitated for a while, then continued,"Zed, it seems that... It seems like I got Jean's back up."

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