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   Chapter 318 He Won't Lay A Finger On You

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6562

Updated: 2019-01-22 00:09

'How could he say something like that?

After all of that craps that we have been through, how can we act like nothing ever happened between us?

Are we really going to live together? Let alone under the same roof but even in the same room? Does he want me to share a bed with him too?'

Jean looked at Zed angrily and said,"Am I hearing it correctly or am I somehow misunderstanding it?"

"You aren't misinterpreting it at all," Zed said as he knew what was Jean thinking. He stared at her without any expressions for a while and continued slowly,"I said it without any doubt."

Zed then turned around and walked towards his office.

Jean was left all alone. She clenched her fist and glared at him.

It seemed as if he had ordered her. After what he said, every other possibility was out of the question.

'Zed, how could you do this to me?'

Tears rolled down her eyes. She became red with anger.

'This is all because of your grandpa. I have returned only for your sake. I didn't want him to worry about you anymore. I also didn't want to make things harder for you.


I have returned to you without a single word and instead what did you do?

You have no respect for me at all.

You can't even be a little polite to me.

Why are you doing this to me?'

she thought to herself. After this, she forced herself to walk towards the office.

As Jean took a few steps towards the office, the guestroom door flung open. To Jean's surprise, Jesse's face came through it.

Jean ignored her and continued walking forward.

Clearly, Jesse's target was Jean. As Jean ignored her, she was left with no choice but to open her mouth and say,"Jean!"

Jean stopped suddenly. She frowned and glared at Jesse. "I have nothing to say to you."

"I haven't said anything yet. Why are you in such a hurry to push me away?" Jesse said as she walked right in front of Jean. She sighed and said,"You don't look good. If I were you, I would n

er you care about him or not. Zed, has worked late every day, since that accident. Even if you two have slept together, he won't ever lay a finger on you," Jesse said.

"That's it!" It was Jean's turn to say something. She looked at Jesse angrily,"Jesse Tang, how much do you hate me that you are insulting me like that?"

"I am just telling you the truth," Jesse ignored the anger in Jean's voice, and said calmly. "You are the one who bought all of this crap into our lives and Zed is the one cleaning up your mess. Jean Wen, if I were you, I would not be so heartless with every single person around me."

The anger was hidden in Jesse's eyes. She wished to tear Jean apart, as Jean was the one to be blamed for all this.

"Isn't this exactly what you wanted me to act like?" Jean replied and tried to calm down. "If Zed and I are still in love, shouldn't you worry?" Jean sneered and continued.

"What are you talking about? You make it sound like I was the one who led you into those troubles," Jesse looked at Jean ferociously and said,"Jean Wen, even your friends proved it. We don't buy it at all. Maranda Qin was in trouble too, all because of you."

"You were the one who led them all out to organize a press conference. So what? Do you love taking pleasure in their sufferings now?"

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