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   Chapter 317 It Is Nice That You Are Back

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6932

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Jean's lips moved and she felt that it was hard to describe her feelings at this moment.

She was incredibly calm but her mind was wandering everywhere. She stared at Zed with a sad expression on her face. It was ironic that Zed came here.

Just this morning, when they were in the hospital, they had made it clear in front of a lot of people that they would live their lives separately. They would never interfere in each other's lives.

Yet, they had to meet each other again just because of Zed's grandfather.

John had told Jean about the dinner party to be held tomorrow. But as soon as she saw Zed now, she was still shocked. She did not look forward to meeting him so soon.

Jean thought to herself, 'Actually, he shouldn't come here today. He could just come here tomorrow night.'

She pretended to stay calm even if he came looking for her and instead stared at him intensely.

Zed thought to himself, 'How long has it been since I last looked at her this closely?

Since that night, I have done nothing but put on a mask on my face. I don't even recognize her during the day, let alone at night.

I can't even look at her more than three seconds straight.'

In the center of the hall, the two faced each other silently. Zed knew that this was the best chance he had and so he stared at her entire body. His gaze moved up and down her body as if he was greedy for something.

Due to the light from the lamp in the corner, Zed saw Jean's pale face. And in his eyes, her face looked very glamorous.

He made out the entire map of her face. From that, he could tell Jean was just pretending to be calm.

He then realized that even though they had lived apart for so long, she was the love of his life. She would never be a stranger to him.

They had always lived together so Zed figured out what Jean was thinking.

'Are you wondering why I came here to pick you up?

Silly girl! If I didn't want to spend more time with you, I wouldn't have come here in the middle of the night.'

He thought to himself, with a deep sigh, 'If I remain cold

alked upstairs.

It was quite awkward so she avoided Zed.

As Jean walked quickly, she felt Zed's gaze on her and she suddenly felt embarrassed. She started breathing heavily.

She wondered to herself, 'What the hell?

I was just all alone with him in the hospital and I was quite calm when I looked at him.

But why can't I remain clam now?

Is it because I'm home now?'

as her mind wandered, she lowered her head and walked forward.

When she passed Zed, Jean let out a long sigh of relief. Unexpected, she was caught by a hand. It was so warm that Jean felt touched.

She trembled and froze on the spot.

She looked up to Zed.

There was no expression on Zed's face. He stared at Jean and couldn't help but sigh when he saw how panicked she was.

He thought to himself, 'She is afraid of me.

I can tell from her expression that she wants to stay away from me.'

Zed just stared at her without saying anything. Jean summoned up courage and said,"You... What's up?"

she asked as she tried not to think about how cold and harsh he had been to her.

They now lived under the same roof and worked for the same goal.

"Now that you're back, you have to behave like before. Don't make my grandpa doubt you," Zed finally said calmly, after he stared at Jean for a long time.

Jean was shocked. She stared at Zed, eyes becoming wide with confusion.

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